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For Meatless Monday!

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magnetic_necklace_set_kirschners_kornervegan_peace_necklace_setlove_saves_kirschners_korner_necklace_setpeave_vegan_heart_necklace_set_kirschners_kornercow_necklace_animal_rights_jewelry_d7cd3f03-6434-40b7-927b-6115d10a4991animal rights jewelry

We’re excited to share our new animal rights necklaces with original artwork by the talented Sarah Kiser. Click here to see our new collection and here to watch a video to see how these super cute interchangeable magnetic necklace sets work. They make great conversation starters and gifts.

Here’s what our customers are saying about our new necklaces:

Magnetic Necklace
Robin Skov on Jul 23, 2014
I have to admit, I wasn’t too sure if I would like this when I ordered it… things aren’t always as cute in person as they are on-line, but I was very pleasantly surprised when this arrived! I have the necklace with the cow, pig and chicken and the artwork is beautiful (Sarah Kiser did a wonderful job with these) and the overall quality of the necklace is amazing! I wore the cow first and received several compliments from co-workers. I…

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Benefit of Writing Contests and Book Awards

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How to Get More Readers from an Award
Publicity around a book award will boost your book sales. Contests are a great way to hone your craft and show the world how much better you are than other writers. Winning a book award for your self-published fiction or nonfiction book is a great way to gain recognition and approval. You will not only see an increase your book sales – if you market it well, you also can add the award sticker to your cover and mention the achievement on your back cover, in your books’ description, and in all your marketing and promotions – online or offline. Most awards call for entries every year, so if the competition is closed for this year, mark your calender for next years’ contest call.


Here are a few of the most popular book contests: (IPPY awards)

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IHYFM CoverAfter a deadly pandemic destroys society, Riley decides to leave her home and the burned remains of her family behind in search of other survivors. At first, with only a dog at her side, she realizes quickly that the dead might still remain in the streets of San Diego. Once Riley meets up with others, the real threat becomes living people, and not the deadly virus that has spread across the globe. Will she survive? Would you?

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Sunday Snippet

“People think a smile means you’re happy. But it doesn’t. A smile is just a mask that hides what you really feel – what you really think. They say I have a pretty smile, but they have no idea how ugly I feel on the inside. How ugly I think the world is. I don’t trust smiles anymore…they’re just lies that hide the truth. I’m sick and tired of smiling.”

- Kerry-Anne, a Station Series Novelette


‘Not Juliet’ by Ella Medler

NJ banner single



Luca buried his face in her hair, trying to save his eyesight. Riella was lethal. She would have made a very successful cage fighter.

“I begged you to leave him alone. I begged you on my knees!”

“He knew it,” he shouted, trying to still her. “He gave up his life to protect yours.”

She still fought, but he could feel her tiring, grief weighing her down. Deep sobs erupted from her chest, replacing her will to fight.

“Come on.” He pulled her to her feet and towed her into the darkness, farther away from the fire and shootings.

They made it to the last trailer just as he heard the grenade launchers.

“Fuck. We need to run like you’ve never run before. Over to that line of trees. Ready?”

“No. Wait. I can barely stand up.”

“Tough. You can complain later. C’mon.”

Luca grabbed Riella’s hand tight in his hand and started for the trees. They ran for their lives, while behind them the campsite turned to churned mud and fire. Trailers and cars alike blew up, and the few people who hadn’t already taken cover ran away into the darkness.

As soon as they were hidden by the first line of trees, Riella pulled her hand out of his and dug her heels in. “Wait!”

“Riella, we’re not safe here. We need to get farther in.”

“I don’t give a shit! You stop and answer me one question, Luca Anziano, or you may as well kill me here and now.”

Luca stared at her for a split second. Dogged determination was shining in her eyes. Hell of a gene to inherit from her father. Why couldn’t she just have his color eyes, or same shape chin instead?

Riella stood, hands on hips, hair wild and twisting in the wind, outlined against the conflagration that had been her and her people’s home, like some avenging angel come to rid the world of its canker.

“Luca,” she panted, “when you told me you loved me… I just need to know… Were you lying to me?”

The metallic whizzing of several simultaneous barrels resonated over the crackling of the fire. Sprays of bullets showered the already destroyed site, catching any stragglers unawares.

“Who the hell sold him a metal storm? The guy’s nuts!”

“Answer me!”

“I’ll answer you on the go.”

Luca grabbed her in his arms and ran. The bullets kept coming and Riella was shouting something over the noise, but not loud enough for him to make out individual words. He ran, mind focused on one thing, and one thing only: to get her away from the danger, to make her safe.

The forest floor was uneven, and it would have been difficult terrain even without having to carry a struggling woman in his arms; with her added weight, Luca felt like he was wrenching each step through a vat full of treacle. His thigh muscles burned, his lungs were on fire, but now he could see the road, and parked to the side, the truck in which Karalius must have brought over his arsenal designed to teach Goliath’s people who’s boss.

Escape was in sight.

From in front, someone opened fire, and Luca stumbled. Before he could work out why, he hit the ground and knew no more.


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Wednesday Writing Tip

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown up a Writing Tip!

Today’s tip will be a personal observation I made after much trial and error on my part. See, my house is a busy one. We have three dogs (two still in their puppy stages) and a cat, and both of my children are home all day because we homeschool. In other words – it’s NEVER quiet here. In the past, I’ve drowned out the noise by wearing my headphones, leaving the TV on, etc…so there was constant background noise that would drown out everything else while writing, but that doesn’t seem to work long term. I know because I’ve been doing things this way for two years.

With all the distractions from television, music, family, cell phones, social pages online – you know…life – we are constantly inundated with SOUND. Surely this has an impact on our writing. So how about simplifying. To simplify means ‘to make easy’, to ‘cut down’, to ‘reduce’, to put something in ‘order’. And what better thing to do for yourself, and your writing??

So here are my tips on how to ‘simplify’ your writing time:

  • Write on a schedule, if at all possible. Yeah I know, some are saying ‘I can’t do that, I never know when I’ll have time to write,’ or ‘But my creativity isn’t on a schedule, so how can my writing be?’ Honestly, it is TOTALLY possible to create time in your day when your younger kids will be resting, or asleep, or when the older kids are at school. Or during soccer practice, or lunch, etc… There IS time. And if you schedule that hour or two every single day when things are at their calmest around you, you’ll find more time to sneak in quality writing time. And even if you don’t think your muse will show up at 1pm every day, if you get in the habit of showing up yourself, the story will follow.
  • Write an outline, even a basic one. Some of us write by the seat of our pants, with no regard to outlines. This might work on the first book, but it won’t work as well on the third of a series. ‘Did Jade have green eyes, or blue?’ ‘Did that guy in the market steal the wallet, or was it that guy standing on the corner?’ If you confuse facts from your story because you didn’t jot down the basics on an outline, not only can you piss off readers that might actually remember the color of Jade’s eyes, but you leave out the potential for great plot twists, or forget to tie up loose ends. I hate outlines, but I do them now – even if it’s only one page about the beginning, the middle and the end. And maybe one more page that lists the descriptions of the characters. It could take you five minutes or five weeks to work on an outline – but either way is going to make things easier down the road. And remember, a story is organic and quite possibly will change as you write it, so adjust that outline here and there, too.
  • Write now, edit later. I used to edit each prior chapter before starting on the next and even though I do find it helpful to read what I’ve previously written, editing takes up a lot and eats into writing time if you try to do both together. Write the story, fix only what must be fixed as you go along, and then edit the heck out of it later. It keeps your brain in writing mode longer and when you only have short bursts of time during the day available for writing, this is a much easier way to go.
  • Write everything down. You’re at lunch with friends and the couple next to you is having a heated discussion, one of which you don’t mean to be privy to, but you can’t help overhearing them and it sparks a story idea. You tell yourself to remember it later, and of course, you’ll forget it. Or a powerful dream wakes you in the middle of the night. You’re covered in sweat, trembling, thinking to yourself, ‘Wow, that was crazy/scary/intense,’…but you roll over and tell yourself you will jot it down in the morning. When the suns rises, that dream has nicely implanted itself in the dark corners of your subconscious, no longer dancing through the forefront of your thoughts. The mistake is telling yourself that you will remember those random thoughts, dreams or ideas, and NOT writing it down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few sentences or keywords on a napkin or a half-awake email you send yourself from your cell phone in the middle of the night – the point is, if you write it down somewhere, you can organize it later. One day you might write a story from those ideas that becomes your best book.
  • Write comfortably. By this I don’t necessarily mean lavishly strewn about the bed with dozens of pillows…though that doesn’t sound too bad. ;) What I mean, is make sure your writing area is comfortable and accessible to your needs – a chair that won’t hurt your back, a desk at the right height, something to put your feet up on if you need it, a stash of chocolate or a mug of coffee within arm’s reach, the phone, a notebook, etc…you get the point. If you have to stop writing to organize your space, or search for something, that scattered state might follow you into the story.
  • Writing must be backed up. Either use a flash drive, or an online back up like Google Docs, but make sure to do this not just often, but seriously, all the time. It will simplify your life if you have back ups when you NEED them. If you have your work saved in one location and something happens to that lap top, computer or notebook – then what? Yeah, you’re screwed.
  • Writing takes time, have fun with it. Some people write to hit a certain word count goal for the day – others take their time. Regardless of how you write, have fun with it. If you don’t like the story your readers sure won’t be all that interested. Writing what you know is great, but research can be fun too.

Obviously, to each their own. No two writers are alike, but if you find yourself overwhelmed or struggling to get your writing time in, hopefully something on this list will help you!

Happy Writing!


New Release of MALLORY

It’s time! MALLORY is available on Amazon right this very minute! Don’t have a Kindle? No problem! You can simply download the free Kindle Reading app on Amazon and read this story on your smart phone or computer!

MALLORY, A Station Series Novelette

Station_Mallory_JPGFans of The Station Series will be happy to read the second Station novelette out this summer about the lovely Mallory Storm and how she came to arrive at the Station. Told from her perspective, readers get an insight into the inner workings of Mallory’s mind, and her early experiences in the Station after-life. Who was she before she died, and who is she now? The answers are waiting for you…

‘Mallory’ is the second of three Station Series novelettes to be released this summer!

Coming Soon – ‘Kerry-Anne’.

Grab your copy of MALLORY on AMAZON


Friday Giveaway Info

So MALLORY is almost here, which means it’s time to PARTY!! Last release, the hash mark system was really hard (like ridiculously hard) to use…so this time around it’s all about the Rafflecopter. I hope y’all have fun earning entries for the AWESOMESAUCE Giveaway! Click the link below to check out the giveaway contest.

A Rafflecopter Giveaway


  • Two winners will each receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card
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MALLORY, the 2nd Station Series Novelette release of the Summer, will be out Friday. Be sure to join the release day party here on FACEBOOK. Hope to see you then! xoxo


Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

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kirschners korner smoothie

3 tbls. Cacao
1 tbls. Maca
2-3 Frozen Bananas
2 cups Almond Milk
1 tbls. Almond Butter
1 tbls. Chia Seed

In a high powered blender, blend all ingredients and enjoy this chocolate smoothie.

It’s delicious and refreshing and it’s always a more compassionate and healthier choice than eating eggs and bacon. Please consider giving it a try. Thank you.

Andrew Kirschner, Ed.D. is the founder and CEO of Animal Rescue Bar, a delicious plant-based snack for health-conscious people that donates 50% of its proceeds to animal rescue organizations, providing compassionate people a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of abused, injured, neglected, confined, and abandoned animals.

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