Love…outside the box

I spend a lot of time talking to my kids about equality – whether it’s how they share their toys with each other, or how they see the world. Fortunately, I’m of a generation where it’s been much easier for me to see those whom I meet as who they are: people. My daughter is 10, going on 20, and lately has been asking me a lot of questions like…

Why can’t two men or two women marry each other if they want to?

Why do other people care so much about who marries who?

Love isn’t the same for everyone?

My answer is always something along the lines of this: Love is love. It can’t be squished into a box and handed out to only the people who ‘deserve’ it. It is an organic, living thing. And then I go on to tell my kids that some people want to keep love squished in this box for only those who are like them, but love should be set free, since everyone has the right to love whom they want, and be respected for it.

As a parent, I think one of my many jobs is to teach my children about acceptance for those who might be different, but especially love – for themselves and for others, regardless of what beliefs label people.

Our job as parents should be to love our children despite who they grow up to love.

The point is not WHO our children one day love but that they DO love. If they find that, then as parents, we succeeded.

On a sidenote…this is one of my daughter’s favorite songs right now:


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Station Series Redesign…Say WHAT?!

Oh yeah…it’s time to redesign some covers. I love the look of the Station books, but with some help from my cover designer, we have decided to shake things up a bit and will be working on a whole new representation for the series. I cannot wait! Of course y’all will be the first to see the new covers when they are done!

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Did You Know… There’s A Frog That Can Freeze Itself Solid Then Thaw Out And Come Back to Life

Originally posted on Higher Learning:

The North American wood frog has one of the most amazing adaptations I’ve ever seen or heard of: in winter, it turns itself into a frogsicle.

The moment it touches an ice crystal, signals are set off which cause it to pull water away from the center of its body, encasing the internal organs in a pool of water which then freezes. Though the frog is not dead, its heart stops beating and all other organ activity ceases as well.

When it warms back up, the frog thaws out and goes on with its life! Check out this video that talks about it in a little more depth:

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33 of The Most EPIC Photographs from the Last Year (Picture Gallery)

Originally posted on Higher Learning:

Every year, the World Photography Organization hosts the Sony World Photography Awards. They recently released their shortlist of winners, but you can see all of the winners at the World Photography Organization’s website .

Here’s the photos from their shortlist. Click an image to enlarge and/or read descriptions about the photos.

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101 Free Kindle Books (Monday, March 24th)

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The Neurological Similarities Between Successful Writers And The Mentally Ill


Interesting…but I’d like to hope I’m not an awful person…or a terrible lover!

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Knowing his wife was upset with him for spending more time with his typewriter than with her, F. Scott Fitzgerald hatched a plan. He wasn’t proud of many of his short stories (he only included 46 of his 181 short stories in his published collections), but he knew that in order to win back his wife he’d have to whip up something quickly. Working from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m., he churned out “The Camel’s Back” for The Saturday Evening Post for a fee of $500. That very morning, he bought Zelda a gift with the money he had made.

“I suppose that of all the stories I have ever written this one cost me the least travail and perhaps gave me the most amusement,” he commented in the first edition of Tales of the Jazz Age. “As to the labor involved, it was written during one day in…

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