The Dreams are Baaaack…

It seems I might actually be starting a THIRD writing project this year. No doubt, this is ambitious to say the least. And why would I start another series when my first just came out and my second is still in editing? Well, because the dreams won’t go away. I’m not exaggerating either…three times in the last week the same dream has popped up which means I’m getting little to no sleep and am waking up grumpy. The only benefit is that having multiple dreams, with slightly different scenarios means I’m basically writing the plot out in my sleep.

What shall I do about this, when I’m already busy enough with other projects and life (there are two kids in this house…somewhere…)? And then it dawned on me – what about a writing calendar with a writing schedule? DUH! I’m sure many other writers do this very same thing, but I like to write when I feel passionate about a certain part in the story, when the house is quiet enough and well, when I feel like it. I don’t use a schedule, and now that my schedule is crazy-busy, I need one.

Does this mean I must organize my life a bit more? Yes, yes I think it does. Ok, so many of us are familiar with Google Calendars and I use it already – not as often as I should, but I do know my way around them. But if you don’t, I found this blog most helpful! Thank you Words on a page for the tips. Now what I need to do is figure out how best to manage my time between life (you know, parenting, chores, etc…) and writing. And now blogging. Plus there’s research to be done too. And…and…a whole lot of other stuff I’m not prepared to remember just in my brain. Which is why I need a calendar. And a schedule. Yuck but necessary.

Now if only I could schedule my dreams…that would be perfect!

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