Tofu Bacon for Meatless Monday!


It’s Meatless Monday again! Well, it’s Meatless Day for me every day but on Monday I always stand in front of the fridge and go ‘Hmmm…what will I make for dinner tonight?’ I had two blocks of tofu waiting to be used and I remembered that recently a friend brought Vegan sandwiches over with bacon-flavored tofu slices inside. Ummm…it was delish! The last time I went to the store I bought two small bottles of liquid smoke…since this was what my friend said caused the ‘bacon’ flavoring.

Now I was never a huge bacon fan when I ate meat but I am interested in ANYTHING that makes tofu taste less like, well…tofu. If you know how to cook it, tofu can be delicious. Tonight I found a new favorite recipe that both my kids also loved. But I should stop here and say I have learned that liquid smoke has some controversy surrounding its ingredients. It is liquid smoke after-all…so for this reason we won’t be using it in every dish.

Anyway – this is what I did for dinner tonight. Fajita’s was on the menu. Normally this means lots of sliced up veggies tossed in a tortilla with hummus or cheese. Tonight was different. I thinly sliced a block of tofu, patted it dry and marinated it in some liquid smoke. Then I cooked it till it was browned nicely on both sides. Actually, in all honesty I cooked it till it was tough on both sides…perhaps I was getting too excited about the idea of ‘bacon’ flavored food. Once it was done turning a lovely dark brown color, I added it with cooked bell peppers and onions, a little cheese and sour cream and plopped it all onto a tortilla. The kidlets loved the tofu, I loved the tofu. And even the cat, who scored a piece off the table before being busted and banned to the garage for the remainder of dinner also loved the tofu.

Our fajita’s had a nice twist tonight, something different and worth trying in other recipes, for sure! YAY for new recipes on Meatless Monday!

Happy Eating!

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