Should YOU Workout?

Of course you should workout. We all should. Especially writers. Why? Because our job is like an office job – we sit while we work. Unless you can write standing up, in which case virtual *high-five*!!! But if you are anything like me, when your deadline starts creeping up on you it seems your butt begins to mold into the shape of your office chair. Expanding my derriere is not something I want to see happen, so I make sure to stay active when I’m not writing…as best as I can.

I have kids so that right there helps. I just started jogging with my eight year old and my three-year old never sits still. But simply moving around the house is not enough to compete with the hours I simply SIT at the computer. I do Beachbody workouts and if you’ve done them, you get it…they are NO joke. Lately though I’ve had a harder time squeezing in my workouts – again – deadlines looming. So what I do is put my workout clothes on first thing in the morning – tennis shoes and all. This week I vowed to do my workout before hitting the computer. Today I made that happen. There’s five more workout days in this week (I wouldn’t mind some positive vibes to get me through the week!). If you get up and prepare for the kind of day you want to have, it’s much easier to get in the time you need for a workout, no matter what you are doing. Walking/running/jogging or biking/treadmill/elliptical or yoga/cardio/stretching, etc…it really doesn’t matter WHAT you do as long as you DO something…consistently.

Writing is a great way to cleanse your mind but don’t forget about the rest of you – do something for your BODY every day too. If you do, then ten years from now when you’ve made it rich with those books that you are writing today, you’ll be thankful that your bum still fits in your office chair.

Happy sweating everyone!