Making New Friends – and Keeping Old Ones

As an adult mom in her thirties *gasp* I often find it hard to make new friends. This isn’t because I’m anti-social…that is not it at all! I work at home and don’t get out as often as I’d like, so I use this as my main excuse, lol. But the fact is, I guess making new friends as an adult is sometimes scary. We’ve all been through the up’s and down’s of friendships, haven’t we? I’ve learned over the years that each friend I have is valuable and worth the world to me. And it’s okay if each friend is different from the rest. It’s the quality of a friendship that matters.

I have the friend that I can call at midnight when I’m depressed and can’t sleep. The friend that will bend over backwards to help me out. The friend that will go to the beach with me at a moment’s notice. I have the friend that will sit and listen to whatever I have to say and not judge me and the friend that will interject and straighten me out when I need a verbal tongue lashing. I have the friends that have been with me since my high school years and I love them dearly. They have seen me through every part of my roller-coaster life and are still around. And then, there are also the new friends. I am blessed.

Since becoming a writer I have found it easier to make new friends…all from the comfort of my own home. The internet is an amazing place when you use it properly. Eventually my long-time friends get tired of hearing about word-counts and editing and freaking out over the gutter size of my paperbacks. I know they still love me, but they need a break from my work. My writer friends don’t. Because they can relate, and relate we do. I’ve made some amazing new friends just this year and I now can’t imagine my life without them!

My new friends do not replace my old ones…they just offer something different and I value them just as much as I do my long-time friends. Making friends is not something I do on a daily basis, but when it happens – it is amazeballs. So, this post is for all of my friends – those who have seen me in my pajamas in the morning without my makeup on…and those that have listened to my wine-drunk rantings about character development and offer up man-candy visuals as writing inspiration.

I love you all. Truth.

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