Meet The Talented Author – Mr. Jonas Hyde!

For years, Jonas Hyde has been enticing readers with his classical-styled narrative poetry and episodic fiction. While thematically spanning many genres from romantic tragedies to psychological thrillers, the common thread between all his works is the intense imagery and raw emotion given life by every word. His latest work, Melpomene’s Tears, is a collection of some of his most popular poems with brief introductions by the author himself. It can be found online at or at Hyde’s website, Always looking to engage with his readers, Hyde can also be reached

Well, it is HERE! Our very first Author Interview and we have the pleasure of speaking with the über talented Author and Poet…Mr. Jonas Hyde! Everyone say HELLO! 😀 Okay, now that the standing ovation has quieted, we can get started!

First off, thank you for being here Jonas! For those that don’t know, you write beautiful poetry. Can you tell us more about your latest project, Melpomene’s Tears?

Melpomene’s Tears is a collection of romantic tragedies.  I wanted something to introduce a new reader to my work that had a specific, yet digestible theme.  Heartache and pain is something we are all familiar with, and as such, I felt this book would allow people to connect with my work.

For someone who doesn’t read poetry often, Melpotmene’s Tears definitely struck a romantic tragedy chord with me! What has been the most difficult part of this project for you to write?

All of these poems were born from my own life experience.  While they are definitely fictional narratives, the themes behind them are real. So, the most difficult part was definitely having to live the pain that caused the inspiration for them.

I firmly believe the best of writer’s have had tragic pasts. So which writer’s contributed to the inspiration behind your writing?

At its core, the thematic inspiration comes from life experience. However, the style of my writing is definitely influenced by Dante Alighieri’s, Divine Comedy, and just about everything from Edgar Allan Poe.

All great author’s, indeed! So, inquiring minds want to know…what is your writing process?

I’m actually one of the worst people to get advice from when it comes to writing. I don’t write every day and I don’t keep a writing journal. I work on far too many projects at one time and I’m constantly rewriting before finishing a first draft. So what do I do? I write with an honest voice and stay true to my work. I write whenever inspiration hits and I strive to keep it raw and accessible. I write with a passion that never loses its flame, and I love writing now as much (if not more) than when I first put pen to paper.

That sounds like great advice to me. So, what do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I love to hike a few times a week and camp when I can. I love to unplug and enjoy nature. I spent far too much of my life missing out on that. I also love to grill… mmmmm.

I have to say I can relate to unplugging every once in a while and enjoying the natural beauty of the world around us. It keeps the inspiration flowing! So, what has been the most rewarding part of your writing journey so far?

The feedback from the readers. Hearing how some of my poems connect with them is a surreal experience. I mean, I started off writing just to deal with my own pains. To find someone else out there connecting with my work is both unbelievable and humbling.

Humbling indeed. 🙂 What advice would you give to budding writers?

I say this a lot, but I can’t say it enough – stay true to your voice.  Don’t dilute it.  People will find your work if you stay true to it… so keep faith and keep writing.

Excellent advice, Jonas! Please tell us, what can we expect to see from you in the future?

I am currently working on two major projects.  The first is titled, Pendragon, and is a 12 part epic poem about the Pendragon family from the rise of Uther to Avalon.  The second is a psychological horror novella titled 7 Days.  It is a bit of a departure from my regular work, but was something I felt I needed to write.  Mixed in with all that I have the next story in the Sir Alistair Helling series (think Sherlock Holmes written in a poetic voice), as well as a follow up to Melpomene’s Tears.

Looking forward to these projects Jonas, truly! So let’s shake things up a bit and throw out a few fun questions! 

If you were alone on an island for a year with only one book – what would it be?

Dante’s Divine Comedy.  Every time I read it, I get a deeper understanding of the text.  If I had a year to digest it, I would love it.

If you could shadow your favorite Author for a year (living or dead) who would you choose?

I would love to shadow Poe for a year… and longer if it were possible.  Imagine the stories!  I’m not sure which of us would be the worse influence.

I have thought about how amazing it would be to follow Poe around myself. THAT would definitely be an awesome experience!

Okay Jonas – brace yourself! It’s time for some rapid-fire Q&A!

Beer or Wine? Beer

Beach or Pool? Beach

eReader or Paperback? Paperback

Shower or Bath? Shower

In-home Dining or Restaurant? In-home Dining

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Sweet or Salty? Salty

LOL That was fun, Jonas. Thank you so much for being here today! You can find Melpomene’s Tears on Amazon and Jonas on the Web, Facebook, and Twitter. Happy Reading everyone!! 😀

Melpomene’s Tears is a collection of romantic tragedy poems by Jonas Hyde. The collection includes the popular epic tragedies, Lament for Lady Beth and Seraph’s Song: The Epic Fable of Sister Sera. It also includes the complete Moment with a Muse and Twilight’s Star anthologies. In addition, the collection is then filled out by a series of other poems that will truly resonate with anyone who has felt heartache, pain, or loss. While most of us try to forget such emotions, understanding it on the intimate level presented by Jonas Hyde enables us to deal with our own anguish. As a bonus, each poem is briefly introduced by Hyde, giving additional insight into each work by the author himself. This read will truly change your life.

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