Author Interview with Kaitlyn Deann!

KAITLYN DEANN is a seventeen-year-old homeschooled student. She’s an avid reader and writer. As a writer she wants to be able to keep a reader turning the pages late into the night and give them something to think about long after they finish the last page. She loves her friends, family and God. Activities include piano, singing badly and not caring, breathing, eating too many cuties (fruit) at inappropriate times and of course, writing. Laughing is her favorite calorie burner. She lives in Texas with her family. To know more, visit

Super excited to have the young and talented, Kaitlyn Deann today! Thanks for being here, Kaitlyn! Let’s get started…shall we?

Can you tell us more about your latest book?

The main character, Ella Barnes is killed at only seventeen. She was shot in the back by a mask man. She ends up waking up in different world. She has a new body, new life and new people surrounding her. As she tries to grasp this new reality, she has a strong conviction against certain lifestyles of this new world. She wants to make a difference, change the mindset of the people, but any interference with the Law on this subject results in certain death. What does she choose to do? What is the inspiration behind your latest project? I blame the spark of the idea of THE WITCHES’ SLEEP on the movie “Inception”. One specific line that the main character in that movie said made me start to think a little deeper into the subject. He said something along the lines of “When we die, we’ll wake up,” and that’s how the idea of THE WITCHES’ SLEEP was born.

The Witches’ Sleep sounds unique! As a young adult writer, you must find publishing exciting, so can you tell us about your writing and publishing journey?

It has been thrilling and yet nerve wracking. Everyone I’ve come in contact with have been extremely supportive of me though! I couldn’t ask for better!

It’s good to hear it’s been a positive experience for you so far! Tell us about your main characters – are they people you would be friends with in real life?

YES! I love my main characters with all my heart! I wish they were real!

I’ve wished this many times myself, lol. So if you could make one of your characters real for a day, who would you choose?

TUCK! Tuck, hands down. Reason? I. Have. No. Idea. He’s just so intriguing and mysterious, I suppose. He’s just………TUCK! You can’t explain him in just a few words.

I can’t wait to meet Tuck now! Just for fun…if you’re alone on an island for a year with only one book, what would it be?

“The Hunger Games”, because I love the story line and the characters. And Peeta.

Peeta. Yes, I have a crush on him myself (did I say that out-loud?!). Let’s say you could choose any Author, living or dead, to shadow for a year, who would you choose?

J. K. Rowling because she seems to know where the Fountain of Endless Creativity is.

Excellent answer!! So, Kaitlyn…what advice would you give to young writers?

Never give up. You can do anything you set your mind to. If you believe you are able to do something great, then DO IT! Don’t let others tell you that you can’t. No one is stopping you. Only YOU can stop you from following your dreams.

Amazing advice! What can we expect to see from you in the future, Kaitlyn, and where can readers find your work?

You can find my work on Amazon for now. As for the future, my next novel that’s going to be released will be the sequel to THE WITCHES’ SLEEP. It’s titled WORLD OF THE BEASTS. I’m currently work on it.

Sounds good! I’m just curious…if your book became a movie, what would the opening song be?

“Don’t Stop” by Jars of Clay.

It’s time for our Rapid-Fire Questions, Kaitlyn!

eReader or Paperback? Paperback

Sweet or Sour? Or

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Tent or Hotel? Hotel

Beach or Pool? Beach

Shower or Bath? Shower

Vampires or Werewolves? Werewolves

Heels or Flats? Heels

That was a fun round!! Thank you so much Kaitlyn Deann for joining us today, I wish you the BEST of luck with your first novel! If you would like to know more about Kaitlyn, you can find her website here, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr.

The Witches’ Sleep can be found on Amazon!

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