What Does ‘Indie’ Mean To Me?

The word ‘Indie’ is short for ‘Independent’. As an Indie Author I don’t have any obligations to a large organization or corporation. In other words…I’m not affiliated with a publishing house. In really simple terms: I’m on my own. But not really. The Indie community is a large one, whether it be Indie music, Indie art, Indie writers, etc…you can find a massive network of support as an Indie. And you can also suffer severe backlash as well. Us Indie’s have to stick together to support each other and do what it is we were put here to do…share our work the way we want to share it with YOU.

Struggling to self-publish or self-market falls on the shoulders of the Indie Author. It’s a challenge we all face: finding our niche of readers, getting our material out there for them in cost-effective ways, and marketing like mad from our little in-home offices. We rely on each other, we rely on family and friends, but when it comes down to it…the Indie Author MUST rely on him/herself. It’s a lot of hard work, sweat and tears people. It’s a job that many cannot do. It’s a title to be respected. And it’s one hell of a ride!

The article What Is An Indie Author? on the blog How To Successfully Self-Publish hits some fine points about the difference between ‘Indie Author’ and ‘Self-Publisher’. You should read it if you think the two might mean the same thing…because even though they may be flat-mates, they don’t have the same definition. Many Indie Author’s are both. I am. I wouldn’t change all the hard work for the world, either.

I’ve always been a reader. I have my favorites and surprisingly that list excluded Indie Authors until I became one myself. Why? I simply didn’t know all that was out there! So this post is just a crash-course for those that are where I was a year ago…just a teeny bit clueless to how large and important the Indie Author Community really is. Just for fun I want to list some Indie Authors here. They are a part of my Community and they are here to serve YOU – the READER. Help support the Indie Author Community by checking out some of these hard-working Indie Authors below (in no particular order):

Miranda Stork, Tara Wood, Karli Rush, Stacey Taylor, Kristie Haigwood, Patti Roberts, Ella Medler, Dawn Torrens, G.H. Monroe, Helen Watson, Danielle D. Smith, Carolyn Wolfe, Katie Jennings, Shiralyn Lee, Rue Volley, J.M. Zuniga, Christina Moore, Jessica Bradshaw, Maxi Shelton, Jonas Hyde, Wolfe Dietrich, Douglas Pratt, Shayne M., Nicola Rhodes, Rebecca Ratliff, Brandi Ratliff, Nicole Hill, Shelly Hammond, Kevin Hammond, Kaitlyn Deann, Kym Grosso, Bon Rose, Stuart Laing, Mark Turner, Barry Allen Gibbons, Vickie McKeehan, Joanna Lee Doster, Emily Walker, and Wodke Hawkinson…just to name a FEW. Please, if you’re reading this and you are an Indie Author not on the list – give a shout out in a comment!

Indie Authors work hard to compete in an industry that is brutal. BRUTAL. We are the little guys. We fight for our rights, we strive to give our readers what they want while sharing the story we need to tell, and most of us don’t get rich doing so. Because for the average Indie, every sale is like Christmas. Every positive review or feedback is like winning the lottery and being told we have a new fan…well, that’s the cherry on top of it all. When I’m struggling with my writing I go to my Indie friends so they can remind me, “It’s not crap, it’s unedited awesomeness”. I put this reminder on my computer when I need it. My Indie friends are what propel me forward a good deal of the time. So…don’t be shy, get to know a few new Indie Author’s and see what magical place they take you to. I bet you’ll enjoy the journey.

And as always…Happy Reading!