The Talented and Beautiful Author Karli Rush Is Here Today!

Karli has always blazed her own trail, whether popular or not. She has three wonderful sons and is contentedly married to a supportive husband. Her passion outside of writing is photography and all things natural. She is an Autism advocate and enjoys hiking, bike riding and family. Karli was born deep in Cherokee Nation Indian Territory where she grew up loving everything paranormal and has even, first hand, witnessed a womanly spirit. The sighting, as it is referred to, occurred in Eureka Springs, Arkansas one of the top ten most haunted hotels, The Crescent Hotel. This experience captured Karli in ways that have expanded her beliefs about the possibilities of other realms.

As a teen, Karli was an avid reader, she sought out solitude for her passion in nearby Indian Graveyards. Although writing was something that has pulled at her most of her life, it wasn’t until a recent visit to a Shaman, who saw her spirit’s need for creativity, that she truly began down the path.

The Crescent Bound series is her first work which will consist of five books in all. She is simply thrilled to be able to share all the adventures of Alyssa Worthington with you.

Karli’s ideal world would be one of open-minded kindness from everyone.

SO excited to have my talented friend, Karli Rush with us today!! Thank you SO much for being here Miss Karli!

How about we start with the basics! Can you tell us a little about your latest book?

Sure, I am working on three new books actually. “Pine Needles” is about testing the boundaries of love and fate as the main character is trapped in a realm, divided by a mysterious veil. Selene’s journey into this realm will test everything she ever knew. The second book which will be more of a Novelette and is entitled “Seducing a Mermaid” I believe the title says it all, and next is the third installment of my Crescent Bound Trilogy, “Demon Bound”. More things unfold for my main two characters Marc and Alyssa, deeper they fall into the magical world of witches.

I’m trying not to bounce in my seat with excitement here – and failing miserably! I want to know – what inspired your latest writing project?

I hate sounding so repetitive but all my stories or ideas for stories come to me in dreams. The dreams linger with me like a specter and will not leave me alone until I write them out.

LOL I know exactly what that’s like Karli, exactly. So has your current project been difficult to write?

So far, my current project is way too fun to write, I’m not having any difficulty, sorry, but this story about Seducing a Mermaid is just entertaining for me.

That makes me even more excited to read it! Just for fun…If you could make one of your characters real for a day, who would you choose and why?

I would chose Alyssa, my protagonist from the Crescent Bound series, because she is so much of an inspiration that it would be so fantastic to spend a day with her, have lunch, and then shopping, and I would ask her what my future holds.

I like Alyssa too! I know as Writers, we sometimes forget to schedule in time for pleasure reading. If you had an entire week to read uninterrupted, which books would you pick up and why?

I would catch up on several Stephen King books, some of his new stuff that, sadly I have not had a chance to read yet. Stephen King can take you into scary unknown places and then play with your fears like he is a little child with toys, I love it.

I bow down to the King. lol Is there any other Author, living or dead, that you would love to see read your work?

Cate Tiernan, because we share the same genre and she writes related book I’m interested in. I love her “Sweep” series and it would be fun to talk shop with her.

That would be a fun conversation to have, wouldn’t it? So, what has been the most challenging part of your writing journey so far?

To find the time to write, time can be somewhat of a challenge for me, taking care of my family and not neglecting my hobbies such as bike riding, reading, and of course shopping.

Balancing life with work is a hard thing to do for most people, that’s for sure. Do you have any advice for budding writers?

Yeah, start writing. Starting is the hardest part because it can be put off so easily. When you start, finish, don’t procrastinate the ending either. Try not to stress over the mundane things and follow your instincts and your dreams.

So this question is just for fun…If your book became a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?

Crescent Bound – Alyssa Worthington I would cast Jessica Lowndes or Jessica Stroup, and for the leading male Marcus Dela Dante – Justin Hartley. Megan, of course would be Megan Fox playing a Megan Fox look alike. David – Chris Evans, Lisa – Hillary Duff, and this is all I have so far but if anyone has a suggestion about character casting let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Sounds like amazing casts to me!! What can we expect to see from you in the future and where can we find your work?

Seducing a Mermaid – August, Pine Needles – September, Demon Bound – Book 3 in the Crescent Bound Series – October 31st, Shadow Bound – Book 4 is the prequel to Crescent Bound – December 31st, Ice Bound – which is Crescent Bound from Marc’s point of view – Valentines Day 2013. Wow, I hope I can pull that off, but it is the plan. You can get them at and, as well as many more e-book retailers.

It’s time for one of my favorite parts of our Author Interviews before we go: Rapid Fire Question time!

Chocolate or Wine? Wine

Beach or Pool? Pool

Rated G or Rated R? Rated R

eReader or Paperback? eReader

A Partner That Cooks or A Partner That Cleans? Cooks

Shower or Bath? Bath

Heels or Flats? Heels

Short Hair or Long Hair? Long

Thank you Karli for joining us today! You can find Karli on her website here, as well as her Blog and Facebook!

Readers can find Crescent Bound on Smashwords and Amazon. And be sure to check out Crescent Bound’s Facebook page too!

Happy Reading Everyone! 😀

4 thoughts on “The Talented and Beautiful Author Karli Rush Is Here Today!

  1. writermirandastork says:

    Fantastic interview guys! I’m so excited waiting for your next releases Karli! And it was so interesting finding out who would play your characters in a film…brilliant all round. Thanks for the awesome post! 🙂


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