He’s here…Connor!

Connor took a small break from the road to join us this fine Friday from ‘I Hope You Find Me’ – book #1 of the Find Me series. If you would like to know more about Connor and Riley’s story…please visit Amazon today! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy what Connor has to say! ūüôā




Alrighty¬†folks…while Connor gets himself adjusted all nice and comfy in the interview chair, I’ll allow the gentlemen a moment to grab¬†some towels and hand¬†them off to the ladies so they may wipe the drool from their mouths. While that happens, I’ll just fluff this pillow right here for Connor and make sure he’s perfectly situated. Okay, hands off, I know…Riley is just outside playing fetch with Zoey.

Thanks for being here today, Connor. Are you comfortable?

Ahhh…thank you for having me Trish. And yes, yes I’m very comfortable. I haven’t had lemonade this tasty in a long time. And what are these…chocolate chip cookies? You shouldn’t have!

Oh, it’s just a little snack is all. (clearing throat) Okay, so I would love to pick your brain for a little bit if you’re ready?

Fire away!

Well, I think it’s safe to say many ladies are on Team Connor. How does this make you feel?

It’s the abs, right? It must be the abs.

Umm, yeah, it might be the abs and well…other things, but let’s try and¬†keep this interview somewhere around PG13, shall we? (laughter)

Whatever you say, ma’am. (Connor leans forward to lift his glass off the coffee table before taking a sip and resting it on his thigh) So, your question…why would the ladies be on Team Connor? Well, they have excellent taste, no? And perhaps they find the relationship between Connor and Riley as natural and organic, and just want to see them survive and end up together. That’s what I want, at least.

Did you just wink at me, Connor?

Yes, yes I believe I did. (laughter)

So I’ll just skip right over that and ask the next question that I personally want to know: In a post-outbreak world, food is limited. Is there anything you really miss eating?

Ice Cream…hands down. Especially after this summer. The heat was brutal at times and for whatever reason I kept thinking about ice cream.

Any particular flavor?

Chocolate fudge brownie, mint chocolate chip. And cookie dough. Oh wow, what I wouldn’t do for some cookie dough ice cream.

(laughter) All excellent choices. And I do believe I heard your Irish accent with that answer.

Did you now? I have lived in the States off and on for the last ten years, so it’s just easier to adapt I guess. But when I get excited I definitely don’t sound American. I sound daft and no one can quite place my origins.

Is that because you’ve traveled a lot?

Yes, I lived in Ireland until I was about seventeen and spent some time in London. Traveled around Europe for a bit, and parts of North Africa. I’ve split my time here in the States between New York and California…for work.

Do you miss your home Country, Ireland?

Yes and no. Yes because it will always be home and it’s beautiful there, ya know? But my life has led me other places, I’ve met people on my journey that I would never have met if I was still at home. I wouldn’t change the fact that I left, just perhaps who I would have taken with me.

Are you talking about your son, Roan?

Yes. I miss him. I think about him every day and hope that wherever he is, he is safe and healthy. It’s becoming harder to believe that though as time creeps by and I’m stuck thousands of miles away from him and his mum.

I’m so sorry. I can only imagine your heart-ache, Connor. (squirming slightly in my chair as Connor stares at me) Roan’s mother…were you married?

We don’t get a long. Never have, really. The only good thing that came out of our relationship was Roan.

Tell me more about him.

Ahh, well he’s ridiculously cute and very mischievous. He likes to hide things…keys, wallet, handbag, cellular, shoes, you know…those things you seem to be looking for right as you head out the door? He loves running and is hard to catch. And he will make you check under the bed and in the closet twice for monsters.

He sounds beautiful.

Yes, he is.

I hope you see him again one day. Do you ever think about having more children?

I see where you are going with this. Children with Riley, you mean?


Well, I’ve always wanted more children. I’m sure Riley was an amazing mom. We haven’t really talked about that though with everything else that has happened recently.

Yes, of course. There’s a lot going on in your life right now, isn’t there? Aren’t you on your way out of town?

There is a lot going on. Never a dull moment with Riley. And yes, we are on our way out of town, heading north. I’m afraid that’s all I’m allowed to say.

You can’t tell your fans anything more? Not even a teeny hint?

(Connor shifts in his seat and runs a hand through his tousled, dark hair as he considers my question)¬†Hmm. We are going on a mission, I guess you could say. To find someone. I don’t know if it will be successful but this journey of ours will take us from the mountains of San Diego¬†into Los Angeles. And I have to admit I’m not looking forward to going back there. Not with dead people.

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night, Connor?

(nervous laughter) I never used to be. But now, hell yeah. Mouse farts make me jump. I opened up the refrigerator¬†a week ago and the lightbulb was burnt out, so it was dark and for just a moment I thought a damn ghost was going to come out of the ice box. The ice box. I would take Riley into the bathroom with me if that didn’t deflate what little manhood I have left.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your manhood. In fact, you seem like the kind of¬†man who¬†would fight to the death for his love.

This is true. I would die for Riley.

You love her.

You know I do. Very much.

And this is why your fans are on Team Connor.

(Connor smiles slightly and might even be blushing a bit)

Your fans would really like to know what you see happening in the future. There’s only a handful of survivors left after the super-virus killed 99.99% of the population,¬†and since then you and Riley have become close…where do you see things going for the two of you?

Hmm. (he pauses to rub the dark stubble on his chin with one hand, while fidgeting with the hem of his jeans just above his knee) Honestly, we are taking it day by day, some days we take it hour by hour. There is no predicting one’s future when you don’t know who is out there, or where to go, or even what to eat on some days. But we are alive, and I want to keep it that way, despite the pain Riley and I feel for our lost loved ones, we did survive. We need to live.

And there is nothing else you’d like to share…perhaps something about your past that we aren’t aware of?

You would know better than me. What secrets should I have?

Ok, point taken. Well, I should probably let you get back to your journey. Riley is waiting for you, after all. It was great chatting with you today Connor, thanks for taking the time to talk with me and answer some fan questions.

(He stands and downs the last bit of his lemonade before placing the glass carefully back onto the table) It was a pleasure to be here, thank you so much for having me. (He gives me a quick hug before turning to walk out of the room)

Connor, one more thing?


Do be safe.