Happy Meatless Monday! :D

So this is a quick post – more of a ‘Did ya know?’ sort of post. 😉 Recently I discovered that many dairy-free milks (soy, almond, etc…) contain something called Carrageenan. It’s a Vegetarian alternative to gelatin. I’ve never heard of it being bad for you before, but it ‘could’ be. There’s been some chatter online about the “possible human carcinogen” being in almond milks…and since this is what I used for cooking and cereal for not only myself but my children, I went straight to the fridge to see if my Target-bought, Silk brand Almond Milk contained it. And no…it did not. Phew. Check out Health Concerns of Wikipedia’s definition page for more detailed info about what the International Agency for Research on Cancer is concerned about. I don’t want you to panic and throw out everything in your fridge…this is simply a way to spread awareness. And I may add, the concern seems to be in ‘degraded carrageenan’. What that means exactly, I don’t know. Which is why to be safe, I’ll be checking labels to make sure we don’t buy Almond Milk or any other item with carrageenan in it until more research with people (and not ANIMALS) is done.

This is just a reminder to pay attention to what we consume. Just because it says ‘All Natural’ or ‘Organic’ doesn’t mean we should skip our responsible duties by checking out our foods before buying them. A good rule of thumb…if you read something on a label and you can’t pronounce it, or have no idea what it is – ask someone in your grocery store. And most of us have smart-phones now, so it would only take a minute to check it out…all while you’re standing there in the store.

So…here’s to healthier and happy eating (and drinking) on this Meatless Monday, everyone!

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