“Change Your Bra. Change Your Life!”

I am delighted that my friend and fellow Indie Author, Trish Dawson, has asked me to be this week’s featured guest writer. As we travel along this exciting journey called life, we may be faced with unexpected obstacles, challenges, and may have to adjust to the changes we face as we travel down this road. Change. Such a daunting thought. Change can be good, and yet, at times, it may not …

It’s been said that,

“Change is good.”

“It’s for the best sometimes.”

“Change makes us stronger.”

At this point in my life, I am beginning to wonder what is so good about it?

For some, change is as painful and as terrifying as a root canal without anesthesia. Many people fight it kicking and screaming and thrashing about like a 200 pound swordfish having it out with a rusty hook impaled in its scaly cheek.

Lately it seems as if change is becoming a constant force in my life; as constant and predictable as the setting sun and the ebb and flow of the tides. As these life altering changes take place of late, I’ve become very adept at learning how to juggle many spinning plates in the air at one time and have become very good at balancing quite precariously on an incredibly narrow tightrope taking one delicate step at a time along the wire shaking with fear, because unbeknownst to me, some wise guy has removed the safety net! I’m curious to know exactly when I joined the circus and became the featured performer, however I will admit there is quite a thrilling show within the center ring.

One recent afternoon when I ventured to the mall to make some much needed purchases, I noticed a large advertisement hanging in a store window featuring a beautiful model’s scantly clad, young body. She was adorned in lacy underthings and there was not a ripple of cellulite or ounce of excess fat on this lovely creature.

“Hmmph,” I growled upon looking at her in all her seductiveness.

I wanted to draw a big, fat mustache on her upper lip, but I resisted the temptation to do so. Featured right below her perfectly toned thighs, were the following words written in frilly, feminine font:

“Change Your Bra. Change Your Life!”

As I read those words over and over a few times, I chuckled to myself and pondered that proclamation while wishing my torso and thighs were as perfectly airbrushed as hers.

“Change Your Bra. Change Your Life!”

Oh, if only it were that easy!

So, throwing caution and my well worn undergarments to the wind, I ventured into this secret place and decided to take a huge leap of faith and one giant step toward changing my life. I figured at this point I had nothing to lose except 50 bucks and a little bit of time. Upon entering this elegant establishment, I gazed upon rows and rows of satiny, frilly, and lacy brassieres that sent my head

spinning as fast as one of my plates in the air, but not being one to dilly dally and being the kind of woman who knows exactly what she wants, I zeroed in on a satiny black number with a prominent rhinestone perfectly positioned right in the center of this piece of feminine lingerie. Wasting no time, I approached the register and plopped down my American Express card. The young, twenty-something salesgirl began to wrap my new purchase carefully and meticulously in leopard print tissue paper while I looked on with fascination and anticipation. I thanked her profusely and proudly carried my pink striped bag out of the mall like a giddy school girl upon receiving her first straight-A report card.

Arriving home faster than normal, I trotted up the curved stairway and placed the bag upon my bed and stared at it with wonder and thought,

“Could this simple, yet sexy brassiere be the key to my happiness, prosperity, eternal youth and true love?”

Removing my treasure from the leopard print wrappings, I began the divine ceremony feeling as if I possessed the Holy Grail between my very own two hands. I stood there before the full-length mirror admiring my new purchase and its perfect, almost seamless fit on my 50-plus year old body as the sun glinted off the prominent rhinestone and sent the rays glinting toward the ceiling.

Waiting, wondering, wishing …. hoping that some magical transformation would take place within the walls of my bedroom as if I were under some fairy-tale spell thinking that at any moment my windows would burst open and the warms rays of the sun would illuminate every square inch around me, the trees would bloom profusely with perfect flowers, the walls would spring forth with vines overflowing with purple and pink passion flowers, the birds would flutter into my room and sit adoringly on my window sill chirping their little avian hearts out, the bunnies, and rabbits and raccoons, Bambi-like deer batting their long, luscious eyelashes and assorted other forest creatures would spring happily and rest at my feet looking at me with wonder and adoration, and me, here in my black bra would burst triumphantly into song with a voice like an angel singing with passion only to wish that someday my prince would come …

It’s been about three weeks now since I changed my bra, and as of this moment in time, not too much has changed. I haven’t won the lottery, been able to buy my dream car, save the whales, pay cash for a 7,000 square foot penthouse in New York City, and my Prince still has not arrived, but I’m still hoping. And yes, I’m still wearing my new, black satin with a rhinestone in the middle bra, and still hoping that my 50 dollar investment will someday yield forth some serious returns.

“Change Your Bra. Change Your Life!”

As of yet, nothing for me, but when the change finally does happen, you’ll be the first to know!

Thank you SO much Susan for joining us today! The post was lovely! (Everyone join me in a warm round of applause for Miss Susan’s wonderful post today!!) You can follow Susan on her blog and be SURE to check out her upcoming release: “My Life in the Lounge – Observations of Life from the Edge of a Martini Glass”. Thank you again for your visit today Miss Susan!! 😀

Happy Hump-Day, Everyone!

7 thoughts on ““Change Your Bra. Change Your Life!”

  1. writermirandastork says:

    Such a very funny post! I loved it 🙂 And I wish it really was that simple, I’d go and get a few bras….

    Also, I cannot believe you are 50+ Miss Susan! You look far too young for that from your photo 😀


  2. anny cook says:

    Sometimes it’s not the physical changes but the emotional that are the most important. As Spock’s mother asks him in one of the Star Trek movies, “But how do you FEEL?”

    Maybe how we FEEL is the most important part of change.


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