Today is all about…FIN

So, I admit, I did a little extra cleaning around the house before Fin stopped by and now that he’s lounging on my couch, in his ridiculously tight shirt and even tighter jeans, I’m very glad that I wiped the cat hair and cookie crumbs off the sofa cushions. He’s already nursing one of the frosted bottles of beer I filled the fridge with…just for this occasion.

Good evening, Fin. Would you like another beer?

I sure would, thanks. (I grab one from the fridge and hand it over…receiving a smile as gratitude)

So, Fin…I really appreciate you being here today for a chat. I know things have been pretty busy in your world.

Ha! That’s an understatement.

(Laughter) I suppose that’s true. What has been going on in your life lately?

Well, I met this gorgeous woman. But of course she’s not available. Which is funny, because there’s only a few of us left in the world.

Ah, you must be talking about Riley?

You know I am. (Fin winks)

What is it about this woman who has the men in her life all riled up?

(Fin pauses to look out the living room window, tugs at his thin white t-shirt and readjusts himself on the couch before answering) I don’t know. There’s just something about her…something you want to have close to you, you know?

And the fact that she seems to be happy with Connor…how badly does this bother you?

A lot. (laughter) Nah, I mean, Connor’s a good guy. A bit clueless sometimes, I think. But he’s good to her. She should have a good guy.

And you aren’t a ‘good guy’?

I’ve been known to be bad at times. (laughter)

Hmm. That sounds interesting. Do elaborate.

If I did, we’d be here all day.

Fin, I think you’re a tease, you know that?

Only with the ladies, only with the ladies.

Okay, before we stray too far, I have to ask you about something serious: Star Wars or Star Trek?

(Laughter) Is there a way to answer this question without upsetting someone?

Probably not. But I promise to remain neutral.

Okay then…Star Trek.

Really? (Laughter) That was unexpected. You seem more of the Han Solo type.

Kirk has a bigger ship.

And that’s what’s important to you…having a bigger ship?

I have a bigger…everything.

(Trying desperately not to blush…I quickly change the subject) Okay Fin. I want to know where you see yourself in five years?

Can we start with five days? In post-apocalyptic time, each year is like ten years.

Okay then…where do you see yourself in five days?

Um. A very small part of me hopes things don’t work out with Connor and Riley, so I can come in and swoop her off her feet. I don’t see that happening in the next week, though. I guess it would be nice if more people showed up at our little haven…shook things up a bit. I’m ready for some excitement. And maybe a Reeses Pieces peanut butter cup…one of those giant ones, you know? I miss those. A lot.

So…you want the girl…and you want chocolate? Sounds like a happy ending to me.

Who doesn’t want a happy ending?



If you want to get to know Fin better…pick up your copy of I HOPE YOU FIND ME today on Amazon.

Thanks for joining us, happy reading! 🙂

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