Introducing: Moon Rose Publishing!

Indie Authors need struggle no more…for a new Indie Publishing house is ready to help you!! Moon Rose Publishing (what a creative name, by the way!) describes itself as this:

“Moon Rose Publishing is a small indie press that publishes Dark Fiction, Paranormal Romance and related genres, Fantasy, and Erotica.

We are a small indie publishers specialising in Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Dark Fiction. We love finding the stories that other publishers would not-because we love to print what people are reading, not what the trends are.

Stories where the characters leap from the page, Alpha males stride about, strong heroines have snarky quips, and villains truly have the face of horror….you’ll find them all here in our books.

 We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and find that perfect book to curl up with and get lost between its pages…”

Are you intrigued yet? I am. Follow Moon Rose Publishing on Facebook and keep a close eye on the launch date for their new website, which should be up and running soon!

Happy Publishing!

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