Sunday Snippet!

I’ve decided to make Sunday’s ‘Snippet’ days! Tho I can’t promise a fresh post every week, hopefully I can do my best to share my current WIP (Work In Progress) with you – or at least give you a little ‘taste’. 🙂

So this week I will start with a current WIP called ‘Hawke & The Beast’ – part of an Anthology that I am doing with three other amazing Author’s. Enjoy!!


◊ He slung the worn canvas backpack over his shoulders, pulling his arms through the straps before fastening the snug belt across his chest, effectively securing the pack to him so he wouldn’t lose it during the climb. With two more hours of sunlight left in the warm September day, he arrived early on purpose so he could stake out a good spot amongst the trees; a spot that would give him a fairly decent view of the canopy above him, as well as the forest floor beneath. Eventually he had found the perfect tree…an old pine that stood at least seven stories high with wide and open branches, allowing for a full three hundred and sixty degree view around the massive conifer.

Heaven in the sky, he thought to himself as he gracefully launched his lean body upwards, catching hold of the first massive branch with both hands. The pack stuck firmly to his back as he swung a leg up over the limb, hooking him in place. After pulling his torso level with the branch, he pushed against the wood until he was straddled alongside it, enjoying the feel of the rough bark rubbing the inner thighs of his jeans. Once on his feet in the tree, it took less than ten minutes for him to scale the trunk another forty feet off the ground until he found a place where the branches crossed close together so he could nestle safely in the thinner limbs without fear of falling to his death.

The pine smelled of green earth and fresh sap and he inhaled it greedily while removing a few items from the pack before securing it to a nearby branch. A sharpened pencil dangled from a string attached to his medium-sized notebook and he draped the digital camera strap around his neck, checking twice that the batteries were full and the memory card was properly installed.

“Hopefully tonight will be the night”, he mumbled quietly.

Flexing his feet inside his hiking boots, he shoved his hands behind his head, closed his eyes and simply listened to the sounds of nature around him that most people would naturally miss. Birds calling for their mates, coyotes gathering the pack together for a hunt somewhere far away in the distance, insects singing, amphibians croaking and reptiles slithering in and out of the nearby creek. All of this combined with the sounds of the trees; the whoosh of wind through the branches that started as a whisper and then built up to a thunderous sound much like an oncoming train before rushing through the leaves and vanishing into the night.

Less than one hour of light was left when he first heard it. Even with its silent flight through the air, he recognized the subtle flap of wings before the creature descended into the tree, just a dozen feet or so above his head, at first unaware of his presence. With wide eyes, he watched it tear apart its prey delicately before swallowing entire chunks of the dead rodent whole.

Without knowing he was speaking aloud, his whisper was low enough to be carried softly away on the breeze, “Ghost Owl.” ◊ – Excerpt from ‘Hawke & The Beast’ by Trish Marie Dawson

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