Sunday Snippet

I know, I just put a snippet up yesterday but after a 3k word count, I thought I would share more for y’all! 🙂

–As Marisa opened the door, Detective Manning placed a large hand on Jess’s shoulder, squeezing gently. This close she could smell the musky scent of his after-shave. “You may want to talk to your lawyer about what you just told me. Normally I wouldn’t encourage that sort of thing, but this is something Vincent needs to know,” he said with a sigh.

“Okay,” she replied quietly.

She turned around to follow Marisa, who had already exited the room and bumped shoulders with a boy not much older than she. He was tall, with dark hair cut short around the sides and combed forward in the front. Underneath perfectly arched eyebrows, his blue eyes shined like the clear shores of a tropical island beach. His full lips caught her attention, as did the deep furrow of his brow as he grumbled apologies for nearly plowing her over.

“Cole? What are you doing here, son?” Detective Manning asked from behind Jess.

Hey girl, yep, he’s cute, but snap out of it. Time to go. I’d roll my eyes if I had them.

Jess shook her head slightly and smiled up at the frustrated boy, who barely took notice of her. He was clearly on his way to complain about something to his dad. And Jess was obviously in his way.

“Sorry,” she said, before inching passed him.

“Sorry,” Cole replied without looking at her before stalking into the little office.

She snuck a glance over her shoulder at the boy’s backside and then looked away guiltily. Right. Now is not the time to scope out boys. Surely not the Detective’s kid, okay? Shamed, she nearly bolted from the building and found Marisa leaning against her car, smoking a cigarette.

“Well, that went over a bit better than I expected,” she said with a wry smile.

“Yeah. I think it will help. You coming in, I mean…thanks for that,” Jess said as she leaned against the hood of the car, up wind from the smoke.

“Did you see that guy with the gorgeous eyes?” Marisa asked, flicking ash into the air.

“Um, yeah. His name is Cole and he’s the Detective’s son,” Jess said, trying not to groan.

“You’re kidding? Well, that blows.”

“More than a little,” Jess said as she smoothed the loose hairs behind her ears.

Marisa looked over at her with an amused expression and both the girls giggled. The instant the sound was out of her mouth though, Jess felt like folding herself in half and crying until there were no tears left. Her delirium spread through me, and I struggled to get a hold of something sane. The only thing that came to mind was something I had tried before with success.

Chocolate, anyone?–

DYING to REMEMBER by Trish M. Dawson

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