Author Sharon Delarose Is Here!

Woot – we have Sharon Delarose here today!!! Sit back and relax for a few minutes while we get lost in her world for a bit!. 🙂

Sharon’s Author Bio…

Even as a kid I was known as “the strange little girl who lives down the street” and my writing often reflects that. When you’ve had as many bizarre experiences as I have, you cannot help but to be a little affected by it.

I consider my biggest success so far to be a comment from a mother that her son picked up one of my books and couldn’t put it down. He was an adult with a learning disability who didn’t like to read but my dog book captured his interest. To touch someone in that way is inspiring.


Thank you so much Sharon for joining us today! Let’s start with an easy question…have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes. Even as a kid the words were there. Back then it was simple: poetry and a diary. I still remember a diary entry from when I was maybe six or seven years old. “The bird died tomorrow.”  I figure the bird must have died and I went back to the day before to write the cryptic note.

As I grew older I started writing short stories and eventually, articles and full-length books. Everywhere I go I see words. No event is too simple to turn into a story or article. Our last road trip produced two blog entries and the notes for a third just for weird thoughts while driving down the road.

I’m extremely excited about the fact that you’ve written a book about Alien nightmares – are you a believer?

Absolutely. Alien Nightmares is non-fiction and unravels what I’ve come to believe are a lifetime of alien abduction screen memories.

I do not expect the book to convince non-believers. I’ve been around long enough to realize that people don’t change their minds on important issues. Christians don’t suddenly become Muslims. Followers of Judaism don’t suddenly embrace the Hindu faith. Socialists rarely turn capitalist. People argue their beliefs in the hopes of changing other’s minds but it just doesn’t happen.

Believers will see what I see – screen memories of multiple UFO abductions. Skeptics will scoff as they’ve always done. Alien Nightmares may, however, trigger memories in others who’ve had experiences that they were unaware of.

Can you tell us more about this project?

My inner voice has been telling me for quite awhile to embrace the stranger aspects of my life experiences. Encounters with aliens is definitely the strangest 🙂

When I first set out to write the book I believed that I’d had UFO encounters from about ages 5 through 20. Once I started compiling the years of handwritten notes I’d kept, I realized that the encounters started in my toddler years and continued all the way through age 41.

I know it sounds strange to not realize you’ve had encounters but as they are often disguised as dreams or clouded with screen memories you may not be aware of what is happening. As I sifted back through the bizarre “nightmares” where I’d wake up suddenly filled with sheer terror after dreaming of UFOs, I began to put the pieces together.

Then I went on a fact-finding mission wherever possible and discovered a series of UFO sightings by other people that coincided with my own dates. Finally, I was able to prove without a doubt that one of my childhood “dreams” was actually a resurfacing memory. That clinched it for me.

The book includes nightmares and various other experiences such as missing time and pregnancies. In each case I’ve attempted to analyze the experience and offer alternate explanations in addition to the alien abduction theory.

I can’t wait to read this. Really – I can’t. 🙂 Please share more with us about where the inspiration behind your writing comes from, if you don’t mind?

Almost everything I see puts words into my head. Our last vacation spawned material for two articles, six blog posts, and an eBook. I wasn’t planning on writing a word but I can’t help it – the words are just there.

I could see a caterpillar on a leaf and come up with an entire blog post about it and I’ve done just that. TV shows sometimes spur ideas as well. One show about ancient aliens had a woman who said, “We all want to meet an alien.” Responding to that one statement turned into a very long blog post.

So, about your characters; are they people you would be friends with in real life?

As I write mostly true stories, some of the characters are indeed friends though I’ve taken care to disguise their identities 🙂 Out of six books and a booklet that I’ve published so far, only one is fiction.

All writers know that story making it is a full-time job. BUT if you had an entire week to read uninterrupted, which books would you pick up and why?

A Dog’s Journey because I loved W. Bruce Cameron’s first dog book so much that I couldn’t put it down. Pets in a Pickle by Malcolm Welshman because it’s been compared to James Herriot’s books and he was a fave of mine.

There are a number of others but I might go with either Messages or From My Side of the Bed by the Romanek’s, or Whitley Strieber’s book Transformation which I’m sure I’ve read before but don’t remember.   They represent other people’s alien encounter experiences. There are also several Indie books which I’d really like to read.

Interesting choices! Can you tell us about your writing process, do you have a daily writing routine?

Yes. Three days a week I write from the time I wake up until approximately 7 p.m. That’s our dinnertime. Sometimes I sneak in a few additional hours here and there.

Great schedule, I’m jealous! lol Sharon, do you have any advice for budding writers?

Write what you are passionate about. If you don’t feel it neither will your readers. It doesn’t matter if vampires are all the rage if they don’t personally grab you. What grabs you? What fills your head with words? That’s what you should write about.

Wonderful advice! So, what can we expect to see from you in the future and where can we find your work?

More dog books, a children’s book, two coffee table photo books, a health-related book, and a couple of others which are all in various stages of completion. If Alien Nightmares is well embraced, I might consider undergoing hypnotic regressions to bring out more memories which would become another book.

Logically I know that sticking to a single genre is probably more beneficial, but I have to follow the words. I get more done if I let the words dictate where they want me to go.

That’s a full plate, but excellent that we have so much to look forward to. 🙂 I know some of can fall into a writing rut…before we go, I’m curious – have you ever experienced Writer’s Block? If so, how did you overcome it?

If I get “stuck” while writing one book, I simply switch to another book. It may be that the story needs to percolate a little more before it’s ready to come out, while another story might be busting at the seams to get out. As long as I follow the words, I am never truly stuck.

This is a great idea, and I’m doing it myself right now…so can attest that it works! 🙂

So Sharon, It’s time for our Rapid-Fire Questions, are you ready?  

Chocolate or Wine? Chocolate

eReader or Paperback? Paperback

Shower or Bath? Shower

Bra or No Bra? No bra

Beach or Pool? Beach

Shoes or Bare Feet? Shoes if flip flops count, bare feet otherwise

Pink or Blue? Blue

Cats or Dogs? Dogs, two at the moment which give me no end of stories to tell 🙂

Dogs sure are excellent muses. 🙂 Thank you so much for being here today Sharon – I had a great tim! I wish you the best, and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. You can learn more about Sharon and her work on her Website.


Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions

(Available on Amazon)

True-life chronicles of a UFO alien abductee as revealed through vividly creepy dreams and screen memories. Walk the scary trails with me, haunted by creatures who followed me for decades with night terrors, monstrous visitors, bizarre visions, and fright nights that had me turning on all the lights afraid to go to sleep.

I lived in an amazing world full of terrifying creatures, whirlwinds, bizarre tasks and puzzles, and night visitors who took me and left me feeling drugged. UFOs flew in and out of my dreams for decades and I’d wake up knowing that this dream was not like the others, especially when they left me utterly terrified. There was no such thing as a safe place and I knew it.

Who were they? What did they want? Remember the old saying, “Judge not,

lest ye be judged?” Well it’s coming home to roost and it’s riding in on a UFO. Are the aliens the antichrist that the Bible warns of? Or are they our lifeboats to a brave new world? Do they bring a message of empowerment, or are we just rats in a maze? Whoever they are, one thing is certain: We cannot handle their truth.

If you are a believer, you’ll see screen memories from an abductee. If you are a skeptic, you’ll see a child with a big imagination and an adult who experiences extraordinarily vivid nightmares. Either way, God help you if the nightmares ever come and haunt you…

Sunday Snippet!

I’ve decided to make Sunday’s ‘Snippet’ days! Tho I can’t promise a fresh post every week, hopefully I can do my best to share my current WIP (Work In Progress) with you – or at least give you a little ‘taste’. 🙂

So this week I will start with a current WIP called ‘Hawke & The Beast’ – part of an Anthology that I am doing with three other amazing Author’s. Enjoy!!


◊ He slung the worn canvas backpack over his shoulders, pulling his arms through the straps before fastening the snug belt across his chest, effectively securing the pack to him so he wouldn’t lose it during the climb. With two more hours of sunlight left in the warm September day, he arrived early on purpose so he could stake out a good spot amongst the trees; a spot that would give him a fairly decent view of the canopy above him, as well as the forest floor beneath. Eventually he had found the perfect tree…an old pine that stood at least seven stories high with wide and open branches, allowing for a full three hundred and sixty degree view around the massive conifer.

Heaven in the sky, he thought to himself as he gracefully launched his lean body upwards, catching hold of the first massive branch with both hands. The pack stuck firmly to his back as he swung a leg up over the limb, hooking him in place. After pulling his torso level with the branch, he pushed against the wood until he was straddled alongside it, enjoying the feel of the rough bark rubbing the inner thighs of his jeans. Once on his feet in the tree, it took less than ten minutes for him to scale the trunk another forty feet off the ground until he found a place where the branches crossed close together so he could nestle safely in the thinner limbs without fear of falling to his death.

The pine smelled of green earth and fresh sap and he inhaled it greedily while removing a few items from the pack before securing it to a nearby branch. A sharpened pencil dangled from a string attached to his medium-sized notebook and he draped the digital camera strap around his neck, checking twice that the batteries were full and the memory card was properly installed.

“Hopefully tonight will be the night”, he mumbled quietly.

Flexing his feet inside his hiking boots, he shoved his hands behind his head, closed his eyes and simply listened to the sounds of nature around him that most people would naturally miss. Birds calling for their mates, coyotes gathering the pack together for a hunt somewhere far away in the distance, insects singing, amphibians croaking and reptiles slithering in and out of the nearby creek. All of this combined with the sounds of the trees; the whoosh of wind through the branches that started as a whisper and then built up to a thunderous sound much like an oncoming train before rushing through the leaves and vanishing into the night.

Less than one hour of light was left when he first heard it. Even with its silent flight through the air, he recognized the subtle flap of wings before the creature descended into the tree, just a dozen feet or so above his head, at first unaware of his presence. With wide eyes, he watched it tear apart its prey delicately before swallowing entire chunks of the dead rodent whole.

Without knowing he was speaking aloud, his whisper was low enough to be carried softly away on the breeze, “Ghost Owl.” ◊ – Excerpt from ‘Hawke & The Beast’ by Trish Marie Dawson

Meet Lovely Author…Allison Cosgrove!

Everyone, I’m excited to have my friend, and fellow Author, Allison Cosgrove with us today! Yay!!! Grab your popcorn or chocolate, and pull up a chair. Let’s get to know Allison a little better today! 🙂


Allison Cosgrove was born and raised in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. A married mother of three daughters, she works in accounting by day and creates her own worlds by night. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters hiking in the woods or sitting by the fire reading a good book. She has had the love of reading and writing detective mysteries from the age of twelve but it has only been since the birth of her youngest that she has gotten serious about crafting some of her own works for others to enjoy. She credits her family and friends with being the driving force that has given her the strength to breathe life into her books.

Hello Allison, and welcome to the Blog! While you get settled, I’ll start with a question I’d personally like to know the answer to…when did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I love reading. Have since I was really little. I started writing when I was younger and ended up being badly discouraged by a teacher in grade eight and stopped writing for years. It wasn’t until more recently that I picked up the pen for good and really started honing my craft.

Please tell us more about your latest book!

Its an action packed race against time to save a young girl from a fate shared with many before her. For me it shows the reality of how easily a cult could operate within modern day society. And of course there is the good old stand by of good versus evil!

Ooohh…I love it! Can you share with us where the inspiration behind your writing comes from?

I, like many other, seek justice for those who have been hurt by crime. I don’t run the justice system, I don’t fight crime, but this is my way of finding hope that good will eventually win out and triumph over evil.

I also read a lot of true crime as a hobby. So a lot of my baddies and the techniques employed to catch them are usually based in reality to some degree.

So, if you could make one of your characters real for a day, who would you choose and why?

That would have to be my main character Stan Brookshire. He has seen so much in his life, survived so many things, and has come through it all better for it. I would love to just have the time to pick his brain and learn what he knows about life.

He seems like an interesting guy, I don’t blame you. I am always fascinated by what fellow writer friends read…what are your top five favorite books?

I don’t know that I could actually narrow it down to just five. Not sure that it would be fair. I have ready so many books spanning so many different genres that it would not be fair. Some amazing series I have enjoyed immensely are “The Sword of Truth” Sage by Terry Goodkind. “The Gunslinger” Stephen King, Dirk Pitt series by Clive Cussler, Alex Cross series by James Patterson, Flowers in the Attic and subsequent books by VC Andrews.

“The Gunslinger”…this is part of why we are friends, you know that, right? LOL So, I’m just curious…have you ever experienced Writer’s Block? If so, how did you overcome it?

Absolutely. I do at least once or twice a year. Usually if its not a bad block, I will just wait it out until I strike my fancy to write again. Generally those are due to much going on in my life and I just need a break. If they continue for long periods of time then I will usually work on a writing exercise, like a stream of consciousness and that generally gets the motor running again.

Ahhh…so that’s your secret? lol What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

What don’t I do…kidding. I cook, bake, knit, crochet, quilt, hike, read, sew, crossstitch,. Plus I work full time and raise three wonderful kids, and care for a wonderful hubby.

You sound busy – I love it! Do you have any advice for budding writers?

Write for you. Don’t write because someone told you to. Write because you have it in your soul to do. Love what you write but learn from it too. There is always room for improvement, so grow a thick skin and hone your craft.

Great advice, and I agree with it completely. So, what can we expect to see from you in the future Allison, and where can we find your work?

Well Sacrifice of Innocence is the beginning of an ongoing series of at present 10 books which are currently in varying stages of editing and writing. The next book in the series is called Dragon Twins.

All of my books are available on Amazon and through my publishers website.

One last question before we wrap up the interview…and it’s just for fun. If you were alone in the woods for a year with only one book, what would it be and why?

A blank empty book with no words. Then I could write my own! Ha! On a serious note there are so many wonderful books out there that I would almost be tempted to say a really nice picture book. One that I would be able to recreate adventures for. Otherwise if I had to pick an already written book I would have to say I would take my edition of Shakespeare completed works. That would certainly keep me busy for a while on so many wonderful levels.

Clever girl you, alone on an island for a year – of course a blank book would be perfect! LOL

And now it’s time for our Rapid-Fire Round of the day!! Strap into your chair, Miss Allison!

Chocolate or Wine? Chocolate!

eReader or Paperback? Paperback!

Bra or No Bra? Depends on the time of day LOL

Shower or Bath? Bath!

Beach or Pool? Beach!

Heels or Flats? Heels!

Sweet or Sour? Sweet!

Cats or Dogs? Cats!

Thank you SO much for stopping by for a visit today, Allison! I appreciate your time and candid answers!! 🙂 If you would like to…follow Allison Cosgrove, you can find her work on Amazon as well as through  her Publisher’s Website. Please read on for more about Sacrifice Of Innocence…and then go run over to Amazon and get your copy today! 😀


A cult has been killing children for its rituals and only one cop knows who they are. Detective Stan Brookshire knows but his past keeps people from believing in him. Can he rise above the stigma that shrouds his past and stop a cult from taking yet another innocent child from her mother’s arms before its too late?

Introducing – Candice Bundy!

Candice lives in Centennial, Colorado with her husband, son, and her pathetically stupid but therefore very sweet cat Maia. Candice loves to make and drink wine and mead and is a professional hedonist, rabble-rouser, and goat-herder. She has plans for an entire line of ‘Cast out of the Garden’ gnomes, including Goth-Gnome, Were-Gnome, and the already prototyped Dyke-Gnome, complete with Birkenstocks. She adores archeology and all things Greek/Roman, so if you send her fan mail, please send it on cuneiform tablets, papyrus, or traditional vellum. She writes in whatever genre which suits the story being told and feels no compelling need to make a long-term commitment to any given style.

The first book in the The Liminals urban fantasy series, The Daemon Whisperer, is due out October 2012. The second book, The Madness Path, is in development. The first book in the Depths of Memory sci-fi/horror trilogy, The Dream Sifter, is due out in Winter 2012, and the second book, Dreams Manifest, is due out Spring 2013. The third and final book, Forsaken Dreams Pursued, is under development.

She is also a winemaker, and co-own’s Dithyramb Winery, a small winery in Centennial, Colorado with her husband Sean. They make a variety of wines from Colorado’s Grand Valley AVA grapes and meads from Colorado honey. They’ve won medals and been written up in prestigious magazines, some of which are still in business.

When she’s not making wine and writing Candice spends her days programming. A gal can’t get too bored, can she? Well anyway, you shouldn’t. If you do, it’s because you’re silly and can’t think of anything to do with yourself. Get on that.’


Thank you for stopping by for an interview today, Candice! Your bio is hilarious, and seems to ooze creativity. Have you always wanted to be an author/writer?

Yes, I started writing stories in grade school, in fact my first one from second grade reminds me quite a bit of the beginning of War of the Worlds. I started writing my Sci-Fi series in my twenties, but it took a long time to come together. Making writing a priority in my life, and then carving out time for it around working full time, took adjustment. I knew I needed to keep at it, however, because the story ideas just wouldn’t stop flowing.

Can you tell us more about your latest book?

My latest book, The Daemon Whisperer, due out October 2012, focuses on Meri Storm who lost her parents to a daemon when she was just a young teen. Sworn to avenge their deaths, she gets the opportunity years later when offered a job–and the payoff is information on the daemon who killed her parents. The catch: she has to work for the very daemons she despises and distrusts. Things get complicated fast, and before long she’s entangled in a web running more than skin deep.

Excited for that one, can’t wait! Can you share with us where the inspiration behind your writing comes from?

I like to play what-if games in my head, whether I’m people watching, talking about something funny with friends, watching a show (and thinking of alternate endings), or reading books. I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and most of my seizures happen at night when they happen, inducing a very creative space. The seizures can be very vivid and usually wake me up, so I keep plenty of notes afterwards.

In addition, two psychologists raised me, so I grew up asking, “Why would someone make that choice?” in reaction to a situation, almost by reflex, because I watched my parents debate it daily. I place my characters into situations which are uncomfortable, where there are no clear and easy wins, and then work through the emotions around dealing with solutions they’d initially wanted to avoid.

Wow, the seizures sound scary…but if that helps your creativity, that’s pretty awesome. Tell us about your writing process, do you have a daily writing routine?

During the week I have a daily commute on Denver’s light rail, about 35 minutes each way, and I’ll either write or edit on my netbook then, as well as during lunch. I’m always listening to music, either my own mixes or Pandora stations I’ve created. I’ll typically also spend some time at night, although not always on the same project. However, during editing pushes, I often to stick to the same manuscript just to get it done.

I’ll also practice the old standby: escaping to a coffee shop to write. It’s how I finished my first book, The Dream Sifter, many years ago, which I’m just getting ready to publish this Winter.

So, the coffee shop actually works. I keep wanting to try this, lol. What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

I love to read quite a bit, I also make wine, camp, hike, cook, and spend time with friends.

Wine? Did you bring some to share? Just kidding (kinda). If you had an entire week to read uninterrupted, which books would you pick up and why?

This is a hard one for me to answer. Often I read books specifically for research purposes, so this would just be what I’d read for fun. I think I’d re-read the The Coldfire Trilogy, by C.S. Friedman, because it’s a powerful Fantasy tale with strong magical elements although I’ve read it twice before along with her Magister series. I’ll add Neuromancer to the list, because it’s just a shame I haven’t read it before now. I’d also catch up with Steven Montano’s Blood Skies series, because I’m two behind by two books at the moment and I love his writing. And I’d finish up with Tiffany Reisz’s The Angel and The Prince, because I adored The Siren and the sequels simply must be amazing. (Yes, I’m pretty sure I could read all of that in a week. 😉 )

That sounds like an AMAZING reading week! What has been the most rewarding part of your writing journey so far?

Connecting with other writers and readers has been a wonderful experience. I’ve not only discovered new friendships, but also a wealth of information it would have taken forever to find on my own (assuming I’d found it at all!).

What advice would you give to writers interested in publishing?

Write because you love your stories, and the process brings you joy. You may also want others to love them, and you may want to be paid for writing, but those can’t be the reasons you write. Those reasons won’t drive your passion, or your creativity. Writing takes a long time, and to do it well takes even longer. The process of publishing, however you undertake it, takes even longer.

Wonderful advice, all of it. What can we expect to see from you in the future, Candice, and where can we find your work?

The Dream Sifter, the first book in my sci-fi/fantasy series The Depths of Memory is due out this Winter, and I’m working on edits to its sequel as well as writing the next book in The Liminals series. I encourage readers to follow my blog at for updates.

Sounds great! Before we go, if you could shadow your favorite Author for a year (living or dead) who would you choose, and why?

Chuck Palahniuk. Although I found him via Fight Club, he won me over with Invisible Monsters, Choke, and Haunted. His writing gets under your skin and challenges you, interrogates you, sometimes even rips something open inside of you, and then you walk away changed every time. I’d be curious to gain insight into his creative process and how he researches his stories.

That’s an interesting and excellent choice!

Candice, hold on tight! It’s now time to finish up this awesome interview with our Rapid-Fire Questions!

Chocolate or Wine? Wine

eReader or Paperback? eReader

Sweet or Sour? Sweet

Cats or Dogs? Cats

Bra or No Bra? No Bra

Beach or Pool? Beach

Shower or Bath? Shower

Heels or Flats? Flats


You can find more of Candice online at Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. Thanks for joining us today, and thank you Candice for your time!!


Book 1 – The Daemon Whisperer

Meriwether Storm discovered the grisly remains of her parents on their living room floor when she was only fourteen, the result of a failed daemon summoning. Meri immediately swore vengeance on the daemon who’d killed her parents, but there was only one problem–she had no idea which one had committed the atrocity. Before their untimely deaths her parents had trained her intensively in the arts, and Meri used her skills to follow in their footsteps, ever seeking the daemon’s name. Now, despite her years of searching, she’s no closer to the truth and her time is running out. Will she accept a deal from a daemon if it means finally learning the truth? When retribution is the only thing that drives you, how much are you willing to sacrifice before you lose yourself to the cause?

Review of Karli Rush’s ‘Crescent Bound’

Crescent Bound is a story about friendship, love, loss and…witches. It’s the first in a series. I was intrigued to read the story told from Alyssa’s point of view; the young, beautiful, sexy and strong female lead that has a penchant for casting spells with her friends and racing cars. From the beginning I wanted to learn more about Alyssa and her world, especially the Arcane, and was drawn in quickly as the characters were developed quite nicely. The story was full of plenty of twists and turns that left me, as the reader, unsure of what was going to happen next, or who the ‘bad guy’ was. I don’t know a whole lot about the witch world, but this book made me want to grab up all I can find! Though at times I was a bit confused as to whom the book is written for – as the main characters are teens, but the sexual content was more for a mature audience.

The only thing I would add is a really good editing. There were some grammatical errors; spelling mistakes and typo’s, and there were parts within the chapters that felt as if a block of time was lost between paragraphs – easily fixed with a little divider between sections. I wanted to know where the story went, so it was easy to overlook these things, but again, with a solid edit and better defined audience, this story would be near perfect!

Crescent Bound is a great fantasy read for those who like to lose themselves in the witch’s realm. It was fun, and I for sure will be following the series with interest – as I feel ‘Bound’ to follow these characters and see where Karli Rush takes them!

I give the book 4.5 out of 5 Stars:



You can find Crescent Bound on Amazon and be sure to check out Karli Rush’s other books on her Amazon Author page!

Thanks for reading!