Snippet Sunday!!

Today I have a small snippet to share from my current WIP, ‘Dying To Remember’. Hope you enjoy!!


I look down, staring at his bare feet while he continues his rehearsed speech. If I keep staring at his feet, perhaps I will be able to block him from my thoughts. I begin to concentrate on the curve of his instep, the roundness of each toe and the pink color of his heel. With each small step he takes inside the oval center of the room, I simply watch his feet. Eventually I blank out altogether, and it’s not until those same feet are standing just in front of my own that I jump, pulled back to the present with a jolt.

Oh my god, what was I thinking about?

Slowly, my eyes travel up his legs and the crisp white pants he is wearing, hesitating only a millisecond on the area between his upper thighs and abdomen. As my gaze trails upwards, I can see the outline of his chest muscles beneath the cotton shirt and the movement of his throat as he swallows. Without a word, I can see it all in his eyes. He’s read my every thought.