Tuesday Thanks

So, as I sit at the computer this morning I find my mind wandering away from the tasks I need to accomplish on this beautiful day and reminiscing instead about the summer. I’ve had an epically awesome summer. I published a book. And then another. And before December is up, two more projects will be published. In all honesty, I’m not sure exactly how this happened. I mean, I was present through it all, typing away on the laptop for hours at a time…but…it still feels surreal.

And so here I sit. Thinking about how I went from being the stay at home mom of last year, to the published author of this year. Thinking about how exciting it was to release my first baby…and that’s exactly what a book is – a baby. It grows inside of you until it simply cannot inhabit the same space as you anymore. And then it must be born…and allowed to grow. For some people this process takes decades, years, months, weeks, etc…the primping process of getting your baby ready for the world. Eventually, just like any baby, it grows up. And it must be let loose amongst society in the hopes that it’s creator raised and nurtured it well. This is why I must give thanks today.

I have two babies, and they have been accepted into the homes of some pretty amazing people over the summer. Many of those amazing people have made it clear that they love my babies as much as I do, and can’t wait for their siblings. I have learned that even those that have known me most of my life are not as excited about my babies as I am, which is okay. It’s good in fact, because I’ve managed to finagle myself into a new world full of truly great baby-makers that don’t mind hearing about how difficult it is to ‘raise a book’. The best part though, is when I get a  message from someone I don’t know, telling me how much they love and appreciate my work, and will be anxiously awaiting more. That’s when I remember what it is I’m doing. I’m writing. I’m telling stories. I’m filleting my soul to the world, and rather than being sliced and diced and consumed angrily by the masses, I am being welcomed with open arms, for the most part.

So I thank you. I don’t say it enough. To those that know this has been a dream all my life and have told me countless times, “Trish, you should write a book”, or for those that listen patiently as I freak out because my character is stuck in limbo and say to me, “Trish, it will be okay, this happens to us all. Take a glass of wine and a chocolate and go to bed early…” – I thank you. And for those that have spent their money adopting my babies so they can sit comfy on their Kindles or computers, or snuggle up next to the other paperbacks on the shelf…I thank you more than you will EVER know.

A writer must write. And not all writers must share their work. But those of us that do, do so with the knowledge that our babies might not survive in this harsh world. So as my fledglings thrive, I have nothing but thanks to give back.

Thank you all. You. Are. The. Best.