Wednesday Whine

Ahhh…hump day. Normally I giggle at that, but today it’s clear to me that Hump Day is the day we all must rise to the top on our hands and knees, and plummet over the side, in hopes that we reach the rest of this week intact. Life is tough, no matter who you are. It just is. Some of us work. Some of us parent. Some of us study. Some of us play. Some of us nag. And it’s the nagging that reminds me of Hump Day on this lovely, semi-overcast San Diego morning.

With all the social platforms for which to whine, it’s impossible for me to go a week without reading about someone’s troubles. Troubles are a normal part of life. It’s what happens when one lives…trouble will find us all eventually. It’s how we react, how we respond and how we share our troubles with the world that determine whether we are social media whiners, complainers, venters, or sharers. I’ve been known to be  each of those in the past when the compulsion to vent via a status update was too much for me to control. And then later I feel so guilty for airing my dirty laundry I’ll most likely go back and delete said vent. Why? Because consistently using our social media connections to let the world know we are miserable doesn’t actually make anyone feel better. Does it?

This morning I read a blog post (from someone I don’t know) that nearly made my eyeballs pop out of my head. And then my head wanted to spin around on my shoulders – all Exorcist-style like…I still have a kink from that twitch, by the way. There was no substance from this blog post. It was simply a whine. A ‘woe is me, my life sucks sweaty balls’ sort of whine. Like I said earlier, I’ve done this before – but BLOGGING about how miserable my life is (Don’t misunderstand me – MY life is not. MY life is awesome – family, friends, work, air in my lungs – my life is life…it’s good)…what is the point of this? Have we forgotten how to whine properly? By picking up the phone, calling a best friend and crying? Or hey, what about driving over to a friend’s house, and crying on their shoulder? Or…how about this? What happened to seeing the silver lining in life? Choosing to see the good in people, rather than the bad, and choosing to make each day count, rather than piss all over ourselves because life has not turned out as planned?

This is my equivalent of blog-whining. Sometimes I guess we all just have to do it. But we all must remember who our readers are. Why are they following us? What do they find in our words that is meaningful for them? Perhaps my Wednesday Whine comes out harsh, but forgive me, I have missed two days of meds. So, everyone feeling the need to post about how awful life has been to them, or how no one loves them – sit back and think before you type. Is this really true? No. It’s not. You have family, you have friends, but most importantly you have air in your lungs. Use it well. And if that doesn’t work…watch the Sneezing Panda video on YouTube for a good laugh.

Happy Hump Day Everyone! 😀

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