Snippet Sunday!

Ready for another taste of ‘Dying To Remember’…the follow up to ‘Dying To Forget’? Here you go!


–Pulling my knees in to my chest, I arch an eyebrow at him, waiting for his hungry gaze to settle on my face. When it does, he cleares his throat but surprisingly locks his eyes with mine, rather than glancing somewhere else. I refuse to be the first one to look away.

“You’ve been gone a long time, Piper Willow,” he says softly, unblinking.

“Yeah? I thought there was no concept of time here?”

He lifts his chin but still refuses to break eye contact. “True, time does not matter here. But when one as lovely as yourself is absent for such a considerable amount of time, it’s noticeable.”

“Noticeable?” I ask, intrigued.

“Yes, I noticed your absence.”

“My absence,” I say quietly.

“Will you be repeating everything I say, Piper Willow?”

“Maybe when you stop calling me by both my names, I’ll think about it.”

“I see.”

I can’t help smiling at Rush as he shifts uncomfortably on the hard fountain rim, his legs looking impossibly long compared to my short ones. It’s my smile that breaks the eye contact. Rush grins and then briefly looks down at the hand that rests between us.

Ha! I won that round, Rush!

I blush when his eyes dart back to mine, something dark and wanting lingering near the surface.

Sighing, I lift my hands up in surrender, “What is it that you want, Rush?”

“We need to talk about your last assignment, or did you forget we would be watching?”

“We? Who exactly is ‘we’?” I stare hard at him, wishing I could penetrate his thoughts just as he was able to read mine.

“The Mentors and myself, of course. We were curious to see how things went for you,” he says with a smirk as he rises from the fountain, towering over me like some sort of Greek God.

“And?” Despite my irritation with him, I am beyond curious.

“And…we were not disappointed. Come, let’s speak.”–

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