Snippet Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Who is in the mood for a snippet from the upcoming December release of ‘Dying to Remember’…the much anticipated 2nd book of The Station series? Here you go!



“When did she move out?” Jess asks as she sips her hot chocolate from a mug the size of a mixing bowl.

“I was nine. It’s been awhile. I only see her every other Holiday or so,” Cole replies.

“That’s sad.”

“Not really. She wasn’t that great at being a mom. Just wasn’t her thing.”

“How do you think that happens? I mean, my Mom…wow, is she a mess. How exactly do you become a crappy parent?” Jess peers at Cole over the rim of her mug.

“Who knows? Maybe their moms were crappy too?”

Jess laughs along with Cole, enjoying the sound of his voice as it fills the living room, booming upwards, expanding into the space between the wooden cathedral ceiling beams. He’s draped lengthwise across the sofa directly across from her, wearing her dad’s clothes. It’s almost comical how comfortable he looks.

“So, where were you going to take me today?” Jess asks as she sets her mug down on the narrow coffee table between them.

He sips on his own drink and raises an eyebrow at her. “If I tell you that, it won’t be a surprise for next time.”

“Oh,” she says with a smile.

“Anyway, this is better I think. More relaxing with the rain outside, and all.”

“I hate it here,” she blurts out. Feeling embarrassed, she looks away from him, letting her gaze fall on the deck doors. The same doors she had come through the day Roger died and her mother walked away from her in exasperation.

“It’s not so bad. My whole house could fit in this one room,” Cole says with a soft chuckle.

“I don’t know. A house this big just feels empty.”

“Empty,” Cole says quietly, staring at her. The word had rolled off his tongue softly, and his penetrating gaze made her uncomfortable, but not in a bad way. Heat was radiating through her, even though she was desperately trying to force her thoughts away from Cole’s soft spatter of chest hair that peeked through the top of her dad’s shirt.

Back at the Station I roll my eyes. The moment I saw him in the pancake house I knew he’d be a distraction. Let’s just hope he’s the good kind of distraction.

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