Sunday Snippet of ‘Hawke & the Beast’

This weekend’s snippet will come from the Anthology I did with Miranda Stork, Lindsay Avalon and Tara S. Wood, called ‘Once Upon A Twisted Time’. If you haven’t read this dark collection of adult fairy tales yet – you can grab your copy HERE on Amazon.


Hawke & the Beast


A horrible screeching filled the house, and as Jasper was ripped from his sleep, he was certain for just a moment that a demon was screaming at the foot of his bed. The instant he flicked on his bedside lamp, the sound ceased. Rubbing sleep from one eye and then the other, he peered into the dark corners of the room, and caught a slight movement to the right of his bed.

“What the-“, he began to speak then bit his tongue, realizing a little late that it was the owl making clicking sounds with its talons as she walked slowly on his wood flooring, and not some hellish creature spewing fire and eternal damnation.

She screeched again, softer this time, before clicking back across the room, and through the open doorway, leaving him tangled in his covers, his mouth agape and sleep still crusting the corners of his eyes.

“I’m not feeding you again!” He shouted toward the living room.

He winced as she screeched louder. Click-click-click-click-click. She paced noisily back and forth from one end of the living room to the other, protesting loudly each time she made it to the front door. The moon was bright, not quite full, but it allowed enough light in through his windows that he could see the bird clearly as he rested against his bedroom door frame.

“Sorry, beautiful. You are stuck in the house for at least a week. Doctor’s orders, you know,” he said to the agitated bird. She turned her head fully around and glared at him thru slit eyes. Even in the dark of the night, those eyes were mesmerizing. Everything else about her screamed Barn Owl, but the eyes; he couldn’t get over how unique they were.

“Okay, look. Maybe in a few days I’ll let you out for just a bit, okay?”

The owl shook her head and then burrowed it deeply into her feathers, leaving only her heart-shaped face visible. After shifting on her feet a few times, she began to close her eyes. You really are beautiful, he thought as he climbed back into bed. He didn’t bother to turn the light off.


Want more? Read Once Upon A Twisted Time today!