Blogging in December…or lack thereof!


Yes…I have a list of blog posts stock-piled and waiting to be posted. Please forgive me, it has been a busy December! With the release of a new book, my attention and time was spent on preparing for the big launch day – and now that launch day is over, it’s Christmas time! I have some great Author Interviews and guest posts to deliver…so please be patient while I sift thru the pile and pencil everyone in to the blog as quickly as I can. Blogging takes time – and I’m making time for it again as soon as the Holidays are over!! I hope you understand! 😀 January is RIGHT around the corner, believe it or not – so this means there will be plenty of room on the blog for guest posts, Author interviews, contests, snippets and all things writing (and non-writing) related for me to share with you.

I do hope you are having a fantabulous Holiday week – be sure to drop by here when you can! Lots of love…xoxo 😀