Saturday Snippet!

Enjoy this excerpt from my current WIP: ‘Lost & Found’, the second book in the Find Me Series. Want more – follow my Facebook Author page for snippets!


Bubble baths and sateen sheets. Vegetable broth and crackers washed down with flat ginger ale. And sleep; days and days of it. I walked around the lavish bedroom during the day twirling my full-length nightgown, giggling at the soft feel of the expensive silk as it danced around my freshly shaved legs. At night I dined on salads full of every kind of vegetable, drenched in olive oil and vinegar. For desert I had wine – with a side of lemon gelato.

How glorious it was – this house. At least two stories, though I seemed only to wander around the same floor. In fact, I never left the bedroom or the attached bathroom with the whirlpool tub. But it didn’t matter. I twirled the nightgown. I danced. I slept. I ate. And then I did it all over again until the rain came.

Like a child, I cowered under the blankets every time the thunder boomed in the sky. I yelped in fear when white light flashed outside the windows. I was alone in this room and the storm wanted in. The window panes shook as hail pelted the glass from outside, threatening to break through with every gust of the vicious and unrelenting wind. I knew it wanted me.

The storm was coming. And I was all alone.

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