What’s in store for the year 2013…

Yes. I am planning out my writing goals for this year. And there is a LOT to be done. I figure, the best way to actually reach these goals is to share them. It means someone else will hold me accountable – not just myself, right? At least, that is the plan! So, without further babbling, here is my ‘2013 Writing List’:

  • Finish and release book 2 of the Find Me Series – Lost & Found
  • Write and release book 3 of The Station Series – Dying to Return
  • Begin (and hopefully release) the thriller – Behind the Glass
  • Begin a new and untitled YA Fantasy (and hopefully release first book)
  • Begin a new Fantasy Series (Untitled)
  • Begin book 3 of the Find Me Series

So…with all of that said…here is to a successful year full of new adventures, thrills and fantasy! 😀

4 thoughts on “What’s in store for the year 2013…

  1. BeeKhim says:

    Whatever you are planning and writing, you are definitely doing them RIGHT! Because your stories have gotten me reading in one sitting at night (after all work is done) into the wee hours of the morning. Your stories have offered me reprieve from work-stress! Thank YOU!


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