Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing


Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing – who comes out on top? Did you even know there’s a difference? Some don’t. Others do and choose one side or the other to publish their writing. Neither side is perfect – both are equally flawed with their pro’s and con’s and struggles and rewards. As a writer who hopes to publish a book, choosing which way to go can be a daunting challenge. Recently, while perusing my way through the Twitterverse, I stumbled upon a writer who says this in their profile:


I’m a writer who believes in traditional publishing. I just cant pat myself on the back, call myself a writer, then self publish my own book.


I laughed. I admit it. As a self-published writer I know how hard it is to do it all myself. I’ve never even attempted to go the way of traditional publication: submitting my work to dozens if not hundreds of agents or publishers with the hope that someone would ‘bite’ and take me under their wing, then rip apart my work with an expensive editor until it fits perfectly into the mainstream genre box they deem appropriate. And then one waits for publication date – and it doesn’t always come. If it does, the publisher, designer, editor, etc…gets their cut of the profits, leaving the author with a fraction. Of course, on the flip-side, having an editor go through your work, a publisher to market for you and someone to professionally design a book cover are ALL great points.


Self-publishing is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a do it yourself job or hire help. I’m not an editor, nor am I a graphic designer, so I NEED help for those things, but the creative input is there to be a part of the process every step of the way. After writing, editing, formatting, creating, designing, publishing and promoting/marketing – the Self-Published Author is exhausted. Though most times – pretty happy. I would say that all writers deserve a pat on the back for simply writing a story. Not every person writes a book, tho many WANT to. Far less actually release the book they wrote to the public. Publishing is a big deal, period. As it should be. So, back to the point on that very little and simple Twitter profile bio – loads of successful books have been written and published by Self Publishers. I know several very talented Self-Published Authors. We don’t do this merely for a pat on the back (tho sometimes to remain sane, one simply must acknowledge their hard work and remind themselves that they are doing what they love – their way). Again, the flip-side of this publishing coin is that anyone and their mother can publish a book if they wanted to, which means those who shouldn’t write are actually publishing EVERY DAY. Don’t let the ones that probably shouldn’t release a book diminish the fact that there are thousands of amazing self-published books out there waiting to be discovered. I personally think it’s much harder to do it all yourself and be successful than hand your work over to someone else and hope for the best.

Remember Indies (Independent writers) make up some great stuff. Give them a chance, and you’ll see that Traditional Publishing isn’t the ONLY way to do it and have fun. Happy Reading!

A Celtic Tapestry is HERE!


Eight authors, eight Celtic festivals…all weaved into one tapestry.

A Celtic Tapestry.

Welcome to the official release of A CELTIC TAPESTRY!

The wheel of the year turns, bringing the joy of spring, the warmth of summer, the richness of autumn, and the merriment of winter. But eight Celtic festivals link these seasons together, bringing with them romance, lust, danger, and even magic. From a city under threat from night-time creatures at Ostara, to a selkie caught by the light of the Lughnasadh moon, to a writer caught in the flames of a fiery goddess at Imbolc.

Eight authors have come together to give their own twist on these festivals, weaving each story with a blend of myth, magic, and contemporary telling…to create A Celtic Tapestry.

 photo ACTfrontcover_zps2ee76d17.jpg

Crimson Beat–Elle J Rossi

In Nashville, Ostara night is filled with monsters…and only one woman can take them on.

Beltane Fires–Livia Ellis

Deep in the Irish countryside, a witch takes over as Mother of her coven. Will a ‘wink at the moon’ love spell give her what she most wants?

Blade’s Magic–Carolyn Wolfe

Midsummer celebrations are going as usual for one magical young woman, until she comes into contact with Max Blade–a man from another dimension.

Shore’s Edge–Tara S Wood

Lammas beckons in Ireland in the year 1170, bringing with it war. Will one feisty young woman have to marry the man she hates most, or will the Gods bring her another answer?

The Picnic–Elodie Parkes

The woods near Morgan’s home are under threat. But will salvation come for the woods–and himself–in the form of a beautiful environmental officer?

Shadows in the Dark–Miranda Stork

A surprising past life regression opens up a new world for one young woman…but it also throws her at the mercy of an unknown Shadow Man.

Magic in Memphis–Hunter S Jones

Memphis. The favourite place of a hard working public-relations employee, whose life is good, but without surprise…until she has a chance meeting with James Wellington on Yule night, throwing her world upside-down.

Brigid’s Flame–Laura DeLuca

A writer, depressed at the turns of his career and losing his relationship with his girlfriend, looks to the Gods for inspiration at Imbolc…and finds the goddess Brigid answers his prayers.


Learn a little more about the magic within the pages…

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Coming Out of the Networking Shell

I’m a creature of habit.



It’s no secret – I just like to figure something out and use it to the best of my ability before moving on to something new. Which is probably why I’ve relied on the same social networking sites over the last few years. It’s just…easy. Welp, no more easy – time to come out of my shell, so to speak, and find out what other networking avenues are out there. Take a walk down Google+ street, then pause at the corner of Twitter and WordPress before turning right down LinkedIn. Sure, Facebook will mostly be my home for now, but it’s time to refinance the house, or take out a second mortgage – heck, why not find a second home while I’m at it? I’ve always wanted a place on the water – near the beach or on a lake. I’m not picky.



So…now I will be found on as many networking platforms I can manage. Which means Hootesuite is my new best friend. If I wasn’t married – I’d propose.



Here’s to white picket fences, 2.5 kids and a dog for the social networking neighborhood I strive to live in.



Happy reading (and networking real estate hunting)!

WINNERS of the ‘LOST and FOUND’ Release Day Party SWAG!

First off, thank you to EVERYONE who participated in some shape or form in the

Release Day Party or Cover Reveal Party for ‘LOST and FOUND’.

I appreciate each and every one of you! Alas, there can only be ONE winner…or in this case…THREE! I did my best to pick winners of the Facebook party games as fairly as possible while following the guidelines set by Facebook. Once gathering up all the names that met the requirements for winning the ‘LOST and FOUND’ swag prizes, I added each entry (and some people had more than one as they won more than one game!) into and let it do the hard part – pick the winners! So…without any more babbling or long-winded explanations -here are the results for each drawing:

LF Final Wins PRINT

The winner of the SIGNED, PRINT COPY of ‘LOST and FOUND’ is
Pereza Mulunax Thompson!

LF Final Wins Tote

The winner of the ‘LOST and FOUND’ TOTE BAG is
Jennifer Spell Wedmore!

LF Final Wins MUG

The winner of the ‘LOST and FOUND” COFFEE MUG is
Kristin Mckittrick!

Congrats to the winners! Please send me an email with your mailing address to!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Release Day Party for ‘LOST and FOUND’!

Thank you so much for your support! 😀

LOST and FOUND is finally here!!


LOST and FOUND, book 2 of the Find Me Series hits the Amazon eBook shelves on Friday, March 15th! Are you ready to find out what happens next?


She survived Earth’s worst global pandemic. In the city she learned how to cope with the roaming dead. Tucked away in the mountains she struck down the living who tried to kill her. Now Riley fights a new battle – the one within herself. Wracked with survivor’s guilt and an almost crazed sense of duty that takes her out of the solitude of the Southern California mountains and into the heart of Orange County, she makes a series of choices that can lead to the destruction of everything she’s managed to save.

In the end, will it all be worth it? What will be lost? What will be found? And which questions will be left unanswered?



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You can buy your ebook copy on Amazon today!