WINNERS of the ‘LOST and FOUND’ Release Day Party SWAG!

First off, thank you to EVERYONE who participated in some shape or form in the

Release Day Party or Cover Reveal Party for ‘LOST and FOUND’.

I appreciate each and every one of you! Alas, there can only be ONE winner…or in this case…THREE! I did my best to pick winners of the Facebook party games as fairly as possible while following the guidelines set by Facebook. Once gathering up all the names that met the requirements for winning the ‘LOST and FOUND’ swag prizes, I added each entry (and some people had more than one as they won more than one game!) into and let it do the hard part – pick the winners! So…without any more babbling or long-winded explanations -here are the results for each drawing:

LF Final Wins PRINT

The winner of the SIGNED, PRINT COPY of ‘LOST and FOUND’ is
Pereza Mulunax Thompson!

LF Final Wins Tote

The winner of the ‘LOST and FOUND’ TOTE BAG is
Jennifer Spell Wedmore!

LF Final Wins MUG

The winner of the ‘LOST and FOUND” COFFEE MUG is
Kristin Mckittrick!

Congrats to the winners! Please send me an email with your mailing address to!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Release Day Party for ‘LOST and FOUND’!

Thank you so much for your support! 😀

LOST and FOUND is finally here!!


LOST and FOUND, book 2 of the Find Me Series hits the Amazon eBook shelves on Friday, March 15th! Are you ready to find out what happens next?


She survived Earth’s worst global pandemic. In the city she learned how to cope with the roaming dead. Tucked away in the mountains she struck down the living who tried to kill her. Now Riley fights a new battle – the one within herself. Wracked with survivor’s guilt and an almost crazed sense of duty that takes her out of the solitude of the Southern California mountains and into the heart of Orange County, she makes a series of choices that can lead to the destruction of everything she’s managed to save.

In the end, will it all be worth it? What will be lost? What will be found? And which questions will be left unanswered?



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You can buy your ebook copy on Amazon today!