Coming Out of the Networking Shell

I’m a creature of habit.



It’s no secret – I just like to figure something out and use it to the best of my ability before moving on to something new. Which is probably why I’ve relied on the same social networking sites over the last few years. It’s just…easy. Welp, no more easy – time to come out of my shell, so to speak, and find out what other networking avenues are out there. Take a walk down Google+ street, then pause at the corner of Twitter and WordPress before turning right down LinkedIn. Sure, Facebook will mostly be my home for now, but it’s time to refinance the house, or take out a second mortgage – heck, why not find a second home while I’m at it? I’ve always wanted a place on the water – near the beach or on a lake. I’m not picky.



So…now I will be found on as many networking platforms I can manage. Which means Hootesuite is my new best friend. If I wasn’t married – I’d propose.



Here’s to white picket fences, 2.5 kids and a dog for the social networking neighborhood I strive to live in.



Happy reading (and networking real estate hunting)!