Lucius Speaks! Tara Wood’s Characters Stop By for a Chat!

Tara Wood and Lorecia Goings have brought us Lucius (The Fallen)

via Moon Rose Publishing

Now, as a super fantastic treat, Tara shares her characters with the Blog today! You can’t miss this one…

Tara, you know I love your work. Thank you for sharing the world of Lucius with us today. Now you sit back and relax, grab a coffee, put your feet up, and let me do the rest of the work. Mwah!

Give me just a second to rearrange my furniture a bit so everyone fits *glances nervously at all the hawt men sitting in the living room – draped across the sofas and chairs like throw blankets* – Domniel, Jude, Mordecai, Elijah…Lucius – everyone ready? *All smiles and nods from the men*


Let’s just jump into the questions, shall we? I know Tara and Lorecia have you all on a busy schedule these days. *laughter* So, every character on the page and off needs flaws – that’s what makes them stand out from the rest. But most of the characters in Lucius are physically flawed in some unique ways. Who would you consider to be the most flawed – emotionally?

L: *wry smirk* Anybody care to put out there how you’re screwed in the head?

*soft murmurs and furtive glances to the floor*

L: Okaaay… *laughs* I guess I’ll start. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the fall wreaked havoc on us emotionally as well as physically. I came out the least unscathed, I suppose, since there’s nothing really physically wrong with me. But what I feel goes so deep, sometimes that turmoil is physically painful. I had a hard time relaxing. I always felt that I had to fight, that I had to do something. The sense of urgency was crippling.

*nods from the rest of the angels*

J: I don’t like to be touched.

D: *ugly snort* Understatement of the century, dude.

J: *shrugs it off* It fucking hurts. Pain is the only way my body reacts to touch. It’s okay, though. I’m dealing.

D: *snorts again* If you say so.

*awkward silence*

L: I don’t know that one of us is more broken than the other. We all had our part to play in how we got here, and the physical punishments are manifestations of the consequences of those actions. There is an emotional tie to the physical. They’re connected. And it’s something we’ve never really discussed amongst ourselves. *goes quiet* It’s sort of like living it all over again.  Losing Heaven wrecked us in different ways. All of them painful.


If the pain between you is equal, surely who you see as a leader isn’t? Is there anyone of the group that stands out as the ‘leader’?

J, D, M, E: *in unison* Lucius.

E: *signing* It’s always been Lucius.


I’ve got to say I figured as much. There’s a certain air of…respect…around Lucius. So, at the end of the day (or night) when things calms down for you all…how do you like to relax?

D: Wild Turkey and hookers.

M: *rolls eyes* Lige and  I read a lot.

D: That’s all you do. You’re boring as shit.

E: *flips Domniel his middle finger* *group laughs*

J: *smiles* I’ll take the Turkey. No hookers.

L: I’m beginning to enjoy quiet evenings in with Persephone.

*loud, agonizing groan from group*

L: What? There’s more to life than drinking and getting laid.

J: That’s real nice, boss. When you find out what that is, you let us know.


Awwww, Lucius just won points with his love, that’s for sure! Who has the kinkiest sex fantasy of the group? Yes, you must share it with us.

D: I might have imagined my own harem once. All those nubile female bodies so eager to please. Then again, maybe that’s Tuesday.

L: Dom….

D: What? Hey, I kept it clean. You’ll notice the big guy over there hasn’t piped up. *points to Jude* That motherfucker over there’s probably into whips and chains and shit. And the Wonder Twins are a set. Nobody seems to want to talk about that. *jerks head toward Mordecai and Elijah* How many chicks have you seen come between them?

L: Dom…

D: *flashes bright grin* I mean, compared to you guys, I’m the only normal one in the bunch. I just happen to indulge a lot more often than the rest of you. I can’t help it the ladies find me exotic and hot. It’s the hair. Chicks dig my hair.


*Eyes Jude, Mordecai and Elijah with interest but moves on after being ignored* Gentlemen, if any of you could reverse your roles in Lucius (The Fallen), who would want a change – and why?

J: *eyes downcast* I would rather be any one of you than myself. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.

M: I think I would trade with Lige. *pats Elijah on the shoulder* So I would know what’s it’s like to be the other part of me.

E: *smiles at Mordecai* *signs for Lucius to translate* Agreed. I would love to switch with Cai. At least then I wouldn’t have to listen to all the shit that falls out of Dom’s mouth.



*Laughs* Jude, I’m hugging you in my mind, love. Staying on topic (sorta) – Can you tell us what your meaning of ‘Love’ is, and have you ever been in love?

D: A soft, warm, willing female body. I love that.

*Elijah and Mordecai snort loudly* *Jude and Lucius roll eyes*

L: I think love is different for all of us. I found Persephone. She has a good heart and a beautiful smile. And I love the way she makes me feel. She makes me a better man. That’s love.

If love really does conquer all, what challenges have you overcome in the name of love?

L: *grins* Killed some demons, got my wings back.

*group applauds*


*Claps wildly, then composes self* So, describe your definition of ‘true love’ for us…

L: Persephone.

J: Something that is all-encompassing, that stops your heart, that makes you feel like you can’t breathe. Something that lasts forever.

E: *nods in agreement* *gives a thumbs up*

M: The sound of laughter. *Elijah smiles and nudges his shoulder*

D: *sniffs* Doesn’t exist. It’s a fairytale for chicks.

*group shoots Domniel a sad look*


*Jots down notes to ask Dom more about this at a later time* On the flip-side of love is hate. Tell us more about your relationship with Lucifer.

L: *glares* Next question.


Ok. If you could spend five minutes alone in a room with Lucifer, but you could not touch each other, what would you say to him?

D: *lowers voice to menacing* I believe the man said next question. Let’s move on, shall we?


Point taken. Moving on. *wiggles uncomfortably in chair* Tell us more about what’s in store for all of you.

L: *with conviction* Doesn’t matter. It’s in His hands. Whatever path he puts forth, we will follow. We serve Him.

*group nods with sober expressions*



I think I hear Tara calling for your return. She’s done sharing you, I’m afraid. Thank you all for joining us today and sharing a little bit more about you. I know I don’t speak only for myself when I say that I can’t WAIT to see what happens to you next! Much love to you all! *Stands and hugs the men one by one, except for Jude*


Can’t wait to read more about these characters?

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28 thoughts on “Lucius Speaks! Tara Wood’s Characters Stop By for a Chat!

  1. writermirandastork says:

    BEST. INTERVIEW. EVAR. I giggled all the way through this. ‘Chicks dig my hair’. It is. It’s totally the hair. I may have a tiny crush on Domniel. How on earth did you cope with all five in a room together though, luv? I’ll get you some ice. *muppet-runs off*


  2. tarawood21 says:

    Also, I love how they are draped around like throw blankets. They would totally do that. Like a bunch of giant lazy cats that frown at you when you try to swat them off the sofa. Domniel would snap and hiss at you.


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