Scheduling Time To Write

There are some people who swear by schedules and do nothing without checking their calendar first. I am not one of those people. BUT I am learning. If I don’t schedule time to write, I don’t manage my time in a way that leaves plenty of gaps for efficient writing time. I have a younger child that naps – so I can write then. And both my children are in bed by 8pm, so I could write then. If I don’t schedule it, I find something else that needs done during the quiet times or in the evening. Like spending time on Facebook, Twitter or now, Pinterest…or browsing Fotolia for ‘future’ cover ideas for books that haven’t been written yet.

So now I schedule writing time. If I can’t write, or sit down and can’t concentrate – I find something else to do, like research, editing, marketing, etc…but at least the time was set aside to be used for ‘work’. Fact is, we all can find ways to fill our time – be it with work away from home, children, spouses, computer browsing, reading, chores, etc…but managing it appropriately means you learn how to be more productive in the time you have.

This is working for me. Because when I sit down and know it’s my writing ‘time’ I tend to work better and get into a groove every day. As long as CNN isn’t on the TV or my dog isn’t peeing on the bed. It also helps if my children are quiet during quiet time. It’s a lot to ask, I know. 😉

Happy Writing!