Why the Blog Makeover?

Yes, as you have noticed by now – the blog has had a makeover recently! Why, you might ask? Well, I loved the old look – really, I did. It was perfect for ME. Which was sort of the problem. I use this blog for personal posts, sure, but it’s also used for all my work-related, writing-related updates and adventures too. So, I got the itch to make the page a bit more professional.

I’m not really the professional type. I walk around the house barefoot or in flip-flops, usually with my hair left down to air dry or pulled back. Most days I don’t wear makeup or care if there are stains on my shirt. I’m with my kids all day, doing school work, chores, laundry or writing. Being professional is not a part of the work description here. But online? Well, I felt it was time to spruce things up a tad and at the very least…pretend I have a professional bone in my body.

If you were in love with the last look as much as I was, I apologize for changing it on you. I do hope you enjoy the cleaner style of the blog now, and don’t worry – I’ll spruce it up to keep it from getting boring. πŸ˜‰


Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Why the Blog Makeover?

  1. Dawna Raver says:

    I personally like the cleaner look. Some site are so cluttered, I loose interest in reading the posts. I intentionally keep my site very clean for that reason. I like the new look! Well done.


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