For The Station Fans…an Announcement For You!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT alert! I have something to share with the Station readers/fans that might make you happy. 😀 As you know, book 3, ‘Dying to Return’ will be out this summer. What you might not know – it will be the conclusion to Piper’s story (for the most part).

BUT, the series will not be ending.

Here’s the announcement part: There will be at least THREE more books – one each for Niles, Kerry-Anne and Mallory. We will learn their backgrounds, their stories about how they ended up at the Station and their first moments there.

I’m excited for this – though a little sad. Piper’s journey isn’t ending, but there are other characters begging for their chance to speak. Since the writer is controlled by said characters, this must be done. 🙂 I hope this makes the fans excited, happy and anxious to know more! 😀


Happy Reading!