Simply Write.

Funny how this happens…you have a book idea that you fall in love with. So, you do the responsible ‘writer’ thing and sit down with pen and paper and outline the story till you are happy with the plot. And then eventually you move to the computer and begin writing, only to find that the plot you outlined doesn’t fit with the story your characters want to tell.

This is happening to me with a new creation. I haven’t named it yet, as I figured it would be on paper – in a rough outline, no less – for quite some time. But the dreams and constant thoughts wouldn’t leave me alone. So I started it only to have it change from page to page. I like where it is going, I do. But what is the point of outlining if the story wants to tell itself? LOL

So, today I will do as the muse says, and simply write.


Have a fantastic weekend!