“How’s the writing thing going?”

I love and hate this question.

I love it because it means someone I know is asking. Which is awesomesace amazeballs. I hate it because it means someone I know possibly doesn’t see my writing as my career. If you think about the question, I’m sure it is meant well, but if I was to ask that same person (or people, it’s crazy how many times I’ve heard this) ‘How’s the working thing going?’ I’d get some pretty funny looks in return. 😉

The ‘writing thing’ is going well, to answer the actual question. In my mind, I believe I’ve been a writer for most of my life. But if you want anyone to READ what you write, it must end up on paper, yes? Take a look at my Amazon page to see what I’ve been up to over the last year.

With 2 series in the works (4 books total), an anthology piece, and a short story, I think the ‘writing thing’ is going really well! I have a great support system at home, and a great support system for writing. I’ve paid the utility bills and grocery bills with my writing income and even gotten my nails done a few times with MY money. It feels good. I’m not writing to get rich, but after a year of (mostly) ups and some downs, the ‘writing thing’ is surviving – thriving even. I don’t get paid holidays, set schedules, benefits or promotions but I have amazing readers and die-hard fans. Something I would never have thought possible this time last year. I am truly lucky.

So, thank you to all who have shown an interest in my writing…whether you call it a ‘thing’ or not, I do it for you. 🙂


Happy Reading!