“How’s the writing thing going?”

I love and hate this question.

I love it because it means someone I know is asking. Which is awesomesace amazeballs. I hate it because it means someone I know possibly doesn’t see my writing as my career. If you think about the question, I’m sure it is meant well, but if I was to ask that same person (or people, it’s crazy how many times I’ve heard this) ‘How’s the working thing going?’ I’d get some pretty funny looks in return. 😉

The ‘writing thing’ is going well, to answer the actual question. In my mind, I believe I’ve been a writer for most of my life. But if you want anyone to READ what you write, it must end up on paper, yes? Take a look at my Amazon page to see what I’ve been up to over the last year.

With 2 series in the works (4 books total), an anthology piece, and a short story, I think the ‘writing thing’ is going really well! I have a great support system at home, and a great support system for writing. I’ve paid the utility bills and grocery bills with my writing income and even gotten my nails done a few times with MY money. It feels good. I’m not writing to get rich, but after a year of (mostly) ups and some downs, the ‘writing thing’ is surviving – thriving even. I don’t get paid holidays, set schedules, benefits or promotions but I have amazing readers and die-hard fans. Something I would never have thought possible this time last year. I am truly lucky.

So, thank you to all who have shown an interest in my writing…whether you call it a ‘thing’ or not, I do it for you. 🙂


Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on ““How’s the writing thing going?”

  1. The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company says:

    My other favourite is along the lines of “well, I hope you’re getting paid for that” – friends who have never stepped out of the working for the man scenario and can’t fathom that fiscal reward does not automatically follow on the last working day of the month, minus taxes and with a neatly printed payslip!


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