Setting Weekly Writing Goals

There’s no sense trying to deny it any further – we are well into Monday now. It’s almost noon my time, but it’s never too late to put together a weekly goal for writing. I’m working on two projects right now, so it seems as if I’m making baby steps with my current word count, but if I add the two together, the words are all there.


This week I plan on getting out at least 10k total – that’s about 5k words for each book. Since I plan on taking the coming weekend ‘off’ to hang out with the family, and I don’t write in each story every day – this is about 2k for each day. Totally doable but will need structure. It’s time to schedule writing, friends. And I’m not all that fantastic at doing so. I have a 4th grader working on the last few weeks of homeschool before Summer officially starts, her on the Spectrum 4yr old brother who has been a challenge lately, animals that don’t understand they aren’t the center of the universe when I’m typing and a husband. Life, as I know it, will be busy this week. Thus, the schedule.


I know not every writer must do this. Some have children in school, outside of the home and write during the day – while others work full-time and write at night. There are so many varying degrees of schedules for a writer I could laugh. 🙂 There’s nothing ashamed about scheduling your creative time – though it often does not come to you on demand. Still, scheduling the time to BE creative is important for some. But this means the Muse must cooperate and show up on demand.


How, exactly, does one call on the Muse to arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at a specific time? What works for me is establishing a playlist for each book – that way when I turn it on, I’m already in the groove and read to go. I also read back the last chapter or section of my book, so I know exactly what mindset I was in before. If neither of these work – I jump to my other WIP’s for something different, or I work on jotting down plot ideas till the Muse sparks some sort of interest in sticking around. What’s important is that my scheduled writing time is spent writing. As any schedule – the more you follow it – the easier it will become habit.


So, now that I’ve sufficiently prolonged the inevitable, I must begin my writing block for the day. The goal: 2k words total. No playing around till it is met. See you on the other side!


Happy Reading!