Death by Laziness

My life has flashed in front of my eyes on three separate occasions this week on account of slipping on something that was spilled on the floor and ignored.

And it’s only Tuesday.

What exactly do people think will happen if Mom dies after sliding across the kitchen floor in applesauce and smashing head first into the oven? Who will wash their underwear and towels and make sure that the 9yr old is nagged to feed and water the animals and make sure nothing funky starts growing in the toilet bowl? I’m afraid to walk across my own house now, for fear that the next puddle of cat urine, chocolate almond milk, apple juice or GAWD forbid a matchbox car, will take me out.


Be Safe, Moms…

8 thoughts on “Death by Laziness

  1. Miranda Stork says:

    GAWD. It’s like my house, except here it’s socks and boxes. Just left in the middle of the floor. I can barely put one foot in front of the other when I wake up, never mind looking out for the Obstacle Course of Doom across the living room. I feel your pain, hun! LOL ❤

    And don't slip on anything! We need you to write more books as well. 😀


    • trishmarie says:

      LOL At least you have an excuse with moving – my family is just messy. lol Making them pick up all their shite today so I can mop these floors. Telling you, someone is trying to take me out. It’s a conspiracy. lol


      • Miranda Stork says:

        No excuse sadly–this is just normal everyday life! Mark thinks a cleaning fairy lives in our house. And I am NOT wearing glittery wings. Also, totally sounds like a conspiracy. My money is on the cat. *looks about shiftily*


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