Allowing the Muse Full Reign

What a scary concept, right? I’m becoming more and more insignificant with my current WIP, Dying to Return – book 3 of The Station Series. At the rate the book is going, the characters will be fully in charge of writing their own story soon. My Muse is enjoying this immensely. See, the Muse likes to torture me at times. I freak out because the plot changes, and then the Muse lights a fire under one of the characters and they switch things up a bit. Usually in a good way.

I’ve been working hard to get this book right. Of course the beginning, middle and end were for the most part already done in my head before page one. But what fills the space in between is ├╝ber important too. Andurush, AKA ‘Rush’ is my new favorite character. He was originally written to be mysterious, and honestly – a bit of an arrogant jerk. I know some saw him that way in Dying to Remember. He redeems himself a teeny bit in this next story but that’s mostly the Muse’s fault. See, the Muse has completely taken over this tale. I’ll be lucky to see it play out anything like how I originally planned it. I’m even considering allowing the Muse to make changes to the ending. We are in constant struggle about this – and every day one of us makes a good point worth listening to.

Oh, Muse. I do love you so. I really do. Thanks for bringing insight into this story in a way I didn’t expect, but try to remember who is really in charge here.

*long empty silence fills the room*

Right, who am I kidding?? The Muse has FULLY taken over and is currently sitting back in a chair much more comfy than mine laughing manically. Well-played Muse, well-played.


Happy Reading!