Snippet Saturday – A’ris

As she remembered the meeting, A’ris kicked at a pebble while she walked calmly along the peristyle court inside the enclosed atrium, breathing in the deep scent of cedar and eucalyptus that lined the pathways. In the center where the two paths met at a cross was a fountain overflowing with pure, clean water; an amenity not found on the other side of the curtain walls.

Her mind wandered back to the old woman in the hut, and how the nagging questions inside her began, she twisted her hands behind her back, and chewed on the inside of her cheek. Three days after being given the strange message, she was stopped in that very atrium by a young child. So young she was, and wearing attire grubbier than the soles of her bare feet, A’ris knew she was not a child of the noble servants. She had managed to sneak in from the outside; a point alone that made her instantly the most fascinating creature in the entire castle grounds. Even animals were kept from the green grass and many trees of the garden to prevent destruction of the rare foliage. Yet, there she stood – an outsider. She said nothing, just handed A’ris a small package wrapped in brown paper and skittered off.

The movement started that very day.

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson


Happy Reading!

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