Almost done.

With just over 10k words left (give or take a couple thousand) to write for Dying to Return, the anxiety is setting in. Can I panic now? It’s not that I’m NOT ready to be done. I am. I’ve been ready for this moment for weeks. I’m just struggling to not bite my nails off as the third book in the Station Series inches closer and closer to the hands of the readers.

This book has taken over a life of its own. Totally propelled forward by the sheer will of its characters. I’m just a tool. Moving the words from one place to another. Sort of like the messenger.

I think I might be ready to pick a release date for the summer. I’m sure this will make all the Station fans ├╝ber happy, but for me it sets things in motion and makes the release more real, like editing and meeting deadlines.

Like I said – can I panic now??


Happy Weekend!