Tara Wood’s ‘The Shade’ is FREE today!

I already own it but I’m excited to brag that this book is FREE today because it means all my friends that haven’t picked up a copy can go grab one now. RIGHT NOW! Yay!!

Cillian is a Shade, a man who walks among the world of Other Realm, spreading the seeds of discord and chaos into the Dreams of mortals as punishment for a life ill-lived. As he casts the sands of Nightmares into Everly Whitcombe’s dreams, he finds himself taken with the haunted beauty. He defies his vocation by visiting her Dreams more often than he should and trying to comfort when he should destroy. As he commits his transgressions, he puts them both in danger. Can he find a way for them to be together, or are they destined to only meet in Dreams?


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Happy Reading, Everyone!