Now What?

The first draft is done. You’ve proofread it and tweaked it and read it enough times to have most of the book memorized, and you have sent it off to the editor to be polished. So…now what do you do?

This is my current Writer Problem. I have told myself in the past every writer should take a mini-break between books – during that time when the book is being edited, formatted, etc…just to give the brain and the hands a break. But this time around for me is very different from the last book I wrote. This time I have at least two other WIP’s that need their stories told. I have five times as many jotted down as ideas. Instead of my brain exhaling and taking a break, it’s furiously scrambling over all those other stories and WIP’s, rooting around for a good hold on one of them.

Does this mean I haven’t taken a break since finishing the first draft of the last book? Of course I have! For almost two weeks, in fact – which for me, is a REALLY long time to not write something. However, every day that gets closer to the end of June has become harder and harder to spend away from my WIP’s. Should I work on A’ris and Hutch and the Dry Lands or Riley’s journey of survival? Should I work on my children’s WIP with the feisty little fairy, who has survived the massacre of her people? Should I work on something new altogether? Seriously…I’m asking.

Despite what I decide to start back on, the right story will fight for the spotlight. These tales have been calling out to me and the Muse has been pouting in a corner, wondering where I am.

So I’ll start writing again, if for no other reason but to keep the Muse satisfied. Because, let’s face it – the Muse is boss.