Here’s a little ‘Dying to Return’ for Snippet Saturday!

The sky twinkles like stardust and for a brief moment I expect fairies to fly down from above and dance on the tip of my nose. As I blink, the ‘stardust’ becomes less blurry and takes the shape of hundreds of tiny lights strung together in no particular order and I realize I’m looking up at the underside of a garden terrace. Perhaps I wasn’t too far off with the fairies.

“Closer than you think, actually,” Rush says at my side.

I jerk upright too fast and sway slightly. He rights me by placing one of his large hands on my shoulder.

“Rush? Was I…did I faint?” I’m mortified.

“No, you slept. Fainting implies a brief lapse in consciousness. You’ve been out for hours. Four, I think.” He smiles down at me as I gape in shock.

“Four hours?” Not possible. How did I pass out for four freaking hours?

Your body needed the rest. Now take a deep breath – regulate your senses.

My guard is down, isn’t it?

Yes, but only for a few moments. Once you awaken fully and remember your session, you will be free to block me out of your mind once again.

I smile weakly at him. Sarcasm. He’s chosen to be sarcastic at this moment.

What else have I?

With his question, I remember it all.

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson, Dying to Return, Book 3 of The Station Series


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