Wednesday Writing Tip

Some writers are great at editing. I’m not one of those. I am getting better, but editing is my nemesis. When I first started writing, I asked a few of my computer savvy and word savvy friends to help me proof my first few books. I didn’t hire an editor for financial reasons. At the time I thought it was an expense I could hold off on. Not my finest moment, I admit.

Editing for your book is just as integral as oxygen is for your lungs…it really is that important.

Without a proper professional edit, a book is not all it can be. Some writers do it all, and I give them kudos and massive props. But for those of us that tell the story and read it so many times after finishing the first draft that the word ‘the’ starts to look foreign, we need an editor. The difference can be making a 3 star review into a 5 star review. Trust me, I have a few of these myself.

So my lesson over the last year is to pay for the services I’m not a professional in. I have taught myself how to format my books, how to market and such…but editing is still my struggle. I’m a comma Whore. I’m a fragmented sentence Queen. And it’s easy for me to glance over ‘their’ when it should be ‘there’ even though I know the difference, especially after I have read through the book a gazillion times already. But, wait…there is hope for those of you just like me!

Hire an editor. A real one. Your grammar-nazi friends are awesome, just like mine are, but unless they know the in’s and out’s of editing a book, your work might not reach its best potential. My Editor will be going through my earlier works and I’ll be republishing them hopefully before the close of this year, so I know the best work I can have out there – is out there. 🙂

If you have NO idea where to find an editor, ask your Author friends, family members, or search for them online. You need to find someone that connects with your writing style, and isn’t afraid to mark up your baby with a lot of red text. This is the way it should be. An editor’s job is to make sure the work you send them is better. This doesn’t mean you, as a writer, suck. It means that you, as a writer, can be better. Like I said, I’m not an editor. And I don’t want to be. Now I pay for one, and it’s the best money I’ve spent in my writing career. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Happy Reading!

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