Game 1



Leave your caption below as a comment. One comment per person. Be creative!!

*** If you haven’t read the Rules Post – do so now before you play, thank you! ***

36 thoughts on “Game 1

  1. Ljalja van Halderen says:

    The pup would grow up to protect me. But now, I was happy that she felt safe enough in my arms to curl up and fall asleep. And I was surprised to find myself feeling fiercely protective of this little bundle of fur.


  2. Oma Janze says:

    Hi Trish Marie,

    I left a post, I’m sure of it, but I can’t seem to find it. Did it not comply with the rules? Or was it too long and therefore not a “caption”? Or was there a glitch and did my post get lost somewhere along the way?

    Kind regards, Ljalja van Halderen

    Op 24 jun 2013, om 13:12 heeft Trish Marie Dawson het volgende geschreven:

    > >


  3. Ljalja says:

    The pup nestled itself in my arms. Although I’d gotten the dog so she could protect me when she got bigger, right now it was her that felt safe in my arms… safe enough to curl up and fall asleep. It surprised me how fiercely protective I felt towards this little ball of fur.


  4. Patcharin Reynolds says:

    I sleep for my love, but what I didn’t expect was a girl. My real savior would be different from my imagined and that chain necklace…it’s the first thing I saw when I awoke from my spell cast sleep. My real love had come in a different way, the bond of friendship.


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