DYING to RETURN Game Winners!

For those who participated in the daily games,

you have won an eBook copy of ‘Dying to Return’!

If your ‘screen name’ is listed below, please send an email to AuthorTMDawson@gmail.com

Thanks for playing!!


Ljalja van Halderen

Alese Hageman

Melissa Holz



Diane (PandorazBox80)

Tina Connor Myers

Patcharin Reynolds

Kristie Haigwood

Jennifer Wedmore

Jessica Bailiff



Re-al Lewis

Jessica radcliff


Carrie (BookFairy)


Stacey Betty Torres

Carole S

Stacy Grim



16 thoughts on “DYING to RETURN Game Winners!

  1. Betty Torres says:

    Ekkk. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to read it. I ordered the second one last night and am getting ready to dive in with it. ♥:-D


  2. Ljalja says:

    YAY! Thanks so much for part 3. I quickly bought part 2 to catch up, because I’d only read part 1. I’ll be on vacation next week and guess what I’ll be reading?!?


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