Refreshing the Mind

This week I’ve been married for eleven years. With two young children (one of them mildly Autistic), we have a hard time getting out of the house without them in tow, but yesterday we left them for an entire day (no, not alone, they were safely looked after, don’t worry). What did we do? I surprised my hubby with a day trip to Glen Ivy Hot Springs  where we spent the day in the sun (and shade), relaxing our muscles and joints in the pools and getting lathered up with moisturizing lotion in the Grotto.

Though we are both exhausted today, we feel refreshed and ready to start the week, which makes me wonder why it took us so long to get away for a day! Giving the body a break also helps give the mind a break. Sort of. At one point, while floating on a mat in the lounge pool, I was interrupted from my pool-daze by my hubby, who had me look across the pool at a woman also lounging on a mat in the water, except she had a shirt draped over her torso and a floppy kind of ball cap draped over her face. In short, she looked dead, just floating in the water all still and awkwardly covered up. Of course the Muse jumped in and said ‘OMG, a Spa mystery thriller where a woman floats in the pool all day, ignored because the staff and other swimmers think she is napping, but at closing time, it’s discovered she is in fact…dead. OMG, you should do this!’ I quickly shut her up by reminding her that I (which in a sense, means her as well) was off duty.

No, I’m not announcing that a new book is in development (though this idea has definitely been shelved for future reference – so don’t take it! lol), just that it doesn’t matter where a writer goes – they are always on duty. Stuffing the Muse aside for a few hours was easy enough, but it IS Monday, and the mind is refreshed and ready to get back to some Hutch & A’ris. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a productive week, whatever it is you have planned!


Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Refreshing the Mind

  1. Melissa Holz says:

    Aww it sounds amazeballs!! I might have to look into that place!! (and yes, it is amazing what the mind thinks up! )


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