For the Fans…

Every once in awhile, I have to pinch myself to make sure my writing journey isn’t a dream. I have such an exceptional fan base that I had to call y’all out today, just to let you know I appreciate you. Each of you.

To the ones who give up their money to buy a book – thank you for giving the stories value.

To the ones who re-read a paragraph because they loved it – thank you for giving the words a voice of their own.

To the ones who laugh, cry or gasp at a scene – thank you for feeling the characters’ emotions.

To the ones who want to skip to the end to see how it ends – thank you for going back and reading it all.

To the ones who fall in love with a character – thank you for making the fictional world real, if only in your mind.

To the ones who loved the book so much they left a review – thank you for sharing your opinion.

To the ones who told a friend, ‘You have to read this!’ – thank you for spreading the word.

To the ones who have reached out to say ‘Hello’ and shared your stories – thank you for your time.

To the ones who are still here, six books and seven stories later – thank you, thank you, thank you for your support.


Thanks for reading. Always. HUGS

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