Tuesday Teaser of Hutch & A’ris

“Easy, lad. I’ve something for the girl, is all. I trust ya to give it to her?” Hutch snatched the item from the man’s hand and shoved it into his back pocket. “It be important. Don’t ya open it on y’er own, ‘stand?”

“Noted. Are you the one she spoke of the other night, following her?”

The man nodded but his smile faltered when Hutch stepped closer and slammed him in the chest with an open palm. “You do that again, and I’ll hang you by the neck off the side of the tallest building in this crap-hole of a town by your own cloak, understand?”

“I got no ill-will towards ya two’s. Just doin’ my job, is all.” He stepped away and turned to the side, facing the empty desert. “Just be sure to give that to the girl. Tell her…it has started.” He turned his back on Hutch and walked away, straight toward the empty dunes of the north in a flutter of coral-blue fabric.

– Copyright Trish Marie Dawson, Hutch & A’ris


Happy Tuesday!

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